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Thugs Smash Brick In 4-Year-Old's Face, Leaving Her Unconscious! How Horrible!

Tue, April 19, 2011 11:03am EDT by 5 Comments

HollyMoms — how could someone harm such an innocent and tiny child in this disgusting way!

This is just sick! Fifteen men attacked a van in Grimbsy, England and one of them smashed a brick through the window slamming 4-year-old Jersey-Lou Perry in the face. The poor little tot was left unconscious with a broken nose, her two front teeth knocked out and pieces of glass embedded in her swollen and bloody face.

Jersey-Lou was injured after her father Kyle Perry, 23 asked the men to stop kicking a ball at his van. When Kyle started to drive away, one of the men popped out from behind a wall and threw the brick through the window, hitting poor little Jersey-Lou in the face.

“I can not believe that someone could do this to a child — who throws a house brick at an innocent little girl?,” Kyle said, according to the UK’s Daily Mail. “The coward who has done this to my little girl has to hand themselves in to the police.

“I heard glass smashing and looked over to see if everyone was all right,” Kyle remembers. “Jersey-Lou had been hit. She was out cold and there was blood everywhere. He could have killed her!”

Kyle immediately took the little girl to Diana, Princess Of Wales Hospital where she stayed overnight for observation.

Jersey-Lou was treated for the injuries, but long-term damage cannot be determined until she sees a bone expert.

“When I first saw the state of her face it was heartbreaking,” said the girl’s mother, Laura Mussell, 22. “It’s incredible to think anyone could live with themselves for doing such a thing to an innocent little girl.

“Her injuries have gone down a bit now,” noted Laura. “But only the other day her dad pulled out another piece of glass from her cheek!”

How could anyone in their right mind do this to a child? This whole incident just makes us sick.

– Lindsey DiMattina