'Celebrity Apprentice' Preview: Is Gary Busey Crazy As A Fox?

Sun, April 17, 2011 4:10pm EST by 2 Comments

Gary stirs up more controversy? Get outta town!

There’s going to be a whole lot of drama on tonight’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Actor Gary Busey is accused of being a “saboteur” by his teammate, country star John Rich. Gary is a known loose cannon and often dismissed as crazy rather than smart or an imminent threat, and John thinks his behavior needs to be reassessed.

When Gary questions John on his definition of “saboteur,” John responds by saying that Gary “[does] things on purpose to try to create enough conflict where someone can possibly get fired. You’re extremely smart, so you’re either crazy or you’re a saboteur and I don’t think your crazy.”

Gary feels his team is out to get him, but is trying to mend any hard feelings caused by his actions. He tells his team, “I made some mistakes today, they were pointed out to me and I took it well and I’m still here. I plan to do better with my work and my communication. I’m not your enemy and I do want to be included in the task.”

John is not phased by Gary’s apology, adding, “Gary Busey is a very savvy player. In front of the cameras he’s just crazy Gary,but behind the scenes this guy really knows how to unnerve you.”

Only time will tell if the feud between Gary and his team can be resolved or if this will turn into an all-out celebrity brawl!

–Gianna Mandarino

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Posted at 2:15 AM on April 18, 2011  


I like Gary a lot. If he were around a Native American tribe he would have been treated with a lot more respect by the tribe. I’ve seen people who seemed “different” around Natives and the Natives do not insult,degrade or humiliate them. They have more perception than that. And more humanity. I dislike Trump and his tendency to get swayed into harping even MORE on an artistic type of person when the rest of the group already is doing way too much complaining. In fact Trump’s show routinely treats creative/artistic people in a bad way. They get disrespected for being different {grown up bullying}. It’s ignorant and Trump is part of the problem. I saw him cut Gary off right in mid-sentence as well as say stupid things to him and act condescending. That’s pure arrogance. If creative people acted and thought like the dead-weights most uncreative people are, there would be no art,no films. Gary could not help but act epic, he was born to act out. That’s why he is great actor. And a true artist. Most top artists are not/were not “mainstream” and could never be even if they tried. THANK GOD. What a dull world it would be.

Its funny how Hat-Boy {the country hick}, was so outraged about being supposedly insulted by Gary. I guess Hat-Boy can’t take what he dishes out. He was such a little b*tch to Gary during most of the show. He went overboard in putting Gary down, laughing behind his back and to his face. But Hat-Boy-Hick cried like a little girl , he really WHINED when he though Gary called him “boy” {Gary was right…}. Oh and I love the way Hat-Boy bragged how how he and all his friends from country music would win that other challenge. And then he was beat by Marlee Maitland. Then he was dumb enough and rude enough to act shocked by it {!}, as if what ? as if he could not be beaten by women ? Hat-Boy learned a lesson about women I guess !

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Posted at 4:30 PM on April 19, 2011  

Thumbs up. You are so right!

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