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Baby Callum Is Ready To Get Moving!

Fri, April 15, 2011 7:33pm EDT by Add first Comment

He’s wriggling, thrashing and squirming with all his might, but baby Callum just can’t get going – and it’s frustrating the hell out of him!

Jill and I came to the conclusion early on that the little guy was in a desperate hurry to grow up and get on with his life.

When he was just weeks old he started flexing his legs and stretching out – trying so hard to stand up and support his wobbly top-heavy frame.

He’d hold his breath and squeal with joy as I held him upright on my lap.

As he’s got bigger and stronger he’s learned to hold his head up, roll over and his kicks have got stronger and stronger.

He’s still a couple months off from being able to crawl – but there’s no telling this little intrepid explorer. He wants to give it a go regardless of his physical limitations.

When we lay him down on our chests or his play mat, for tummy time, he stretches out and huffs and puffs, as he desperately tries to crawl.

You can see him in action in the video below.

It’s heartbreaking watching him collapse in a frustrated heap — but if I’m honest, I’m happy he’s still stationary for a few more weeks (the lull before the storm – as we call it)

We’ve gotten used to being able to occasionally turn our backs on him, safe in the knowledge he’ll be in the same place the next time we look.

That’ll change when this frustrated little man finally figures it all out and transforms himself into a human wind-up toy, and is capable of motoring around our apartment on his hands and knees, determined to search out every sharp object within reach of his sticky mitts — and give his parents regular daily cardiac arrests.

That day will come soon — and I have a whole lot of baby-proofing to do first!

Follow Callum on Twitter @CallumGarland for daily tales, photos and videos!

— Ian Garland

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