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Woman Pretends To Be Pregnant To Con Desperate Couples In Adoption Scam!

Thu, April 14, 2011 11:38am EDT by 3 Comments

This despicable liar was caught on camera in an undercover investigation of CBS News after she reportedly defrauded one of their employees!

Roxanne Jones, 34, allegedly lied to at least 10 couples across the U.S. who were desperate to have children, saying she was pregnant with twins and willing to give up her babies. Now she faces up to 22 years behind bars. Who would do such a thing?

On April 13, Roxanne, who was arrested last month in Kansas City, was charged with 12 counts of fraud and identity theft after being caught on camera by CBS News in an undercover investigation. A producer posed as an adoptive mother, then contacted Roxanne, who claimed she was “Cindy Stevens,” a woman pregnant with twins and willing to give them up.

Over the three weeks of the investigation, the producer says Roxanne contacted her constantly, sending her 120 texts and calling her dozens of times asking for money for food, bills and rent.

The investigation culminated with a secretly filmed meeting, where Roxanne told the producer “her babies” were due in four days. But first she said the expectant twins were girls, before switching and claiming they were a boy and a girl.

When Roxanne caught on to what was happening  after she saw a CBS producer enter the room, she tried to leave, but police caught her and she was arrested. She admitted her crime shortly after being taken in to police custody, saying she pretended “to be pregnant in an attempt to get money for rent, groceries, utilities, and other living expenses.”

Her other alleged victims included Holly and Mark Gonzales of Kansas City who spent four years and $120,000 trying to conceive a child of their own. Their adoption lawyer contacted them and let them know of Roxanne aka “Kristy Bennett” who was due to give birth to twins shortly. They started preparing the nursery, but soon cut of all contact after “Kristy” started asking them for money and their lawyer was told the doctor had no background files on her.

On the day the twins were supposed to be born, Roxanne sent the Gonzales this horrible text, “The girls were born today. I’m sorry you felt you couldn’t be here. They are two very precious babies that are going to foster care.” Just terrible.

Authorities contacted the other couples fooled by the adoption scams in New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota and California. Roxanne now faces her 12 charges and up to 22 years behind bars.

–Leigh Blickley