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Alexandra Says: Some Aspects Of Pregnancy Are Downright Gross!

Thu, April 14, 2011 4:52pm EDT by Add first Comment

I might have been pretty prepared for the morphing of my body, but I was completely blindsided by some of the other changes that were about to occur during my pregnancy!

I was finally starting to feel comfortable in my own skin, and in my newly purchased maternity clothes for that matter. I was embracing my ever changing body and was in complete awe in how it transforms itself to care and provide for the growing life inside of you. But there was one thing I was not prepared for and it quickly threw me for a loop…you know…that feeling in your belly? And I am not talking about the baby!

Have you ever noticed how men think flatulence is funny, and they are more than happy to partake and make it an Olympic sport, but when it comes from a woman, it is just plan disgusting in their eyes?  Well, welcome to the fourth month of pregnancy! That was my newest gift to my husband….gas….which let me tell you, he didn’t appreciate one bit.

I felt like a blown up balloon that just had to let loose somewhere, and I didn’t care from which end. Let’s be honest here…when you are pregnant it comes in high test, not regular.

The vicious cycle begins with your metabolism slowing down to ensure absorption of essential nutrients. In other words, you put on weight. This in turn results in horrible constipation, which though it is not the most comfortable feeling, it is much easier to keep under wraps.

And to add insult to injury, a new gastrointestinal orchestra begins its practice.  So to those mommies-to-be, keep the prune juice handy and get some nose plugs for your loved ones!

–Alexandra Osipow

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