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Find Out What It's Really Like To Dress Michelle Obama From One Of Her Fave Designers!

Thu, April 14, 2011 4:15pm EDT by HL Intern 2 Comments

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Peter Soronen, one of the First Lady’s fave designers, spills on what it’s like to dress Michelle — so is she delightful or a total diva in the dressing room?

When it comes to style, we all know Michelle Obama is one of the most fashionable First Ladies of all time. Whether she’s jet setting or stepping out on the arm of her hubby for a formal affair, she always manages to catch our eye in a seriously stylish get-up — and always looks perfectly put together! We’ve often wondered what goes on behind the scenes, specifically how Michelle chooses her chic ensembles — but so far the ritual has been kept under wraps! Finally, designer Peter Soronen, (who has dressed her six times), opened up, spilling all the details of the super private process!

For such an important lady, you would think the instructions given to designers would be painfully specific, with no room for change — but apparently that isn’t the case at all! Peter says that he’s actually given a lot of leeway, and minimal specifications!

“I get an idea of color, I get an idea of a size, and I make sure that it can be altered,” he told Vogue UK. “I have a more secure feeling knowing that it can be either let out or taken in. I have to have an idea of what she’s feeling on wearing – if it’s going to be an easy skirt, and not a fitted skirt. I’ll send a swatch sometimes. Other times I was just given a direction, like ‘I want a true red,’ or ‘It’s got to be the most beautiful blue.’ But they trusted me in a lot of things, which was great.”

Even though he couldn’t share much, it was awesome to hear him chat about the one-of-a-kind opportunities he’s had to dress Ms. Obama. Peter’s dresses always look stunning on her, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with in the future!

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