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Should You Plan Your Wedding Before Getting Engaged, Like Kim Kardashian?

Thu, April 14, 2011 9:22am EDT by Chloe Melas 2 Comments

The Love Consultants — professional matchmaker and dating coach Matt Titus and his wife, author and media personality Tamsen Fadal — take on the hot question: Is Kim making a huge mistake by gushing about her dream wedding without being engaged?

Kim Kardashian wants to walk down that aisle — now! asked The Love Consultants, Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal, to weigh in on whether it’s a smart move for Kim to be spilling about her dream wedding dress and plans for future kids with boyfriend Kris Humphries before they even have agreed to marry!

Matt’s Take:

So the amazingly beautiful Kim Kardashian says she is making plans to marry her basketball player boyfriend Kris Humphries. But there’s just one little hitch!  HE HASN’T PROPOSED TO HER YET. That’s not an issue with Kim — she already has her dress picked out for her big day.

The truth is they’ve only been dating for about five months. Now combine that with Kim’s dreadful history with romance,, and I call this a bit premature  — and immature. Any guy would be thrilled to claim Kim as his bride. But ya gotta put a ring on it before you get to talk about the wedding dress! Where is the romance?

This reminds me of a potential client who told me she had her entire wedding planned, right down to what song she’d be dancing to at the reception. Yes, she had it all. Everything except a BOYFRIEND. That’s why she contacted me. I love a challenge, but her intensity bordered on insanity and I knew she’d never meet a guy with that kind of misguided focus.

Girls dream of their fairy-tale weddings from the time they’re old enough to know what one is! But then they grow up. Adults need to have a foundation of commitment with a person you’ve spent enough time with to grow to truly know and trust. I’m not sure that Kim has done that with Kris — it’s so early for them both as a couple.

Kim, pace yourself! But booking the hall way in advance is not such a bad idea if you’re dreaming of getting hitched in NYC or LA!

Tamsen’s Take:

Kim and Kris are getting serious, so serious that Kim is already planning their wedding. In detail!

I’m not surprised. The lady is a machine, the very definition of “getting it done.” She’s created what I’d call premium lemonade after her “breakthrough” with a huge lemon — her sex tape with Ray-J. Modern gal that she is, she picked herself up and created a business empire.

The only real success that has eluded her till now is true romance. But she seems to have found something special and real with Kris. Kim finally may have what her sisters have already found.

So when it comes to rushing into planning for a wedding, I say go for it!

Both parties are aware that they are in the sights of the media. I’m sure they’ve discussed the potential of marriage. Things go fast for the Kardashian ladies!

As for getting ahead of the game when planning a wedding, take it from a very busy bride — I was juggling a hundred different things as my wedding approached and was very thankful I had some ideas of what I wanted before the big day came.

If there is something (that dream dress you want, a pair of vintage earrings, the perfect shoes) that you’ve dreamed of wearing forever, go you find that item, then buy it! Engaged or not, purchasing that special something is never be a bad move. At least you’ll have that piece of your wedding day puzzle already in hand.

Here is my one bit of advice for  the happy couple to remember — it’s always better to go for the long engagement than to speed towards a rushed reception.

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