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Kirstin On 'Idol:' The Minors Continue To Stand Strong, But Paul's Time Is Near!

Wed, April 13, 2011 11:11pm EDT by 13 Comments

With the competition getting stiffer on ‘American Idol,’ it’s time for Paul McDonald to go home to his band!

No contestants are ready to follow in Pia Toscano‘s wake on American Idol. The remaining eight contestants all brought their unique touches to their singles for movie song week April 13 — but not everyone hit their marks. Thankfully, my two personal favorites — Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery — are still holding strong…and at this rate, I think they’ll go all the way. Stefano Langone was also a pleasant surprise — he was at the top of the heap. At the bottom? Sir Paul McDonald. See ya later, Rod Stewart!

Paul McDonald: The judges raved about Paul’s rendition of “Old Time Rock N’ Roll,” but I wasn’t drinking the Kool-Aid. It didn’t do it for me. I was bored and it seemed pitchy. I think the judges decided to sit back and become proud parents, instead of acting like actual critics.

Lauren Alaina: Little Miss Lauren did it again with Miley Cyrus‘s “The Climb.” Everyone in the audience was on their feet and I had chills. Isn’t she awesome? In October, Nigel Lythgoe said he thought they’d found the next American Idol when they first met Lauren, and I think he might be right. Plus, I liked her look tonight.

Stefano Langone: Wow! Stefano has been on the chopping block so many times at this point, he knew he had to step it up this week — and he did just that. “[You] slayed the song!” Randy raved. “Those were your best vocals on this stage yet.” Stefano sang for his life tonight and I think he’s going to be safe. P.S. If singing doesn’t work out, I think Stefano has a future as a publicists. He’s so well spoken when he’s talking to Ryan Seacrest!

Scotty McCreery: When it comes to Scotty, he can do no wrong. No matter what he sings — even when it’s old school country — the audience, the judges and viewers at home eat it up with a spoon. I appreciate how consistent he is too. I’m never worried he’s going to fall apart up there.

Casey Abrams: Casey is clearly one of (if not the most) skilled musician(s) in the competition. The judges were so impressed with him tonight, they gave him a standing ovation. As much as I can appreciate his talent, I sincerely doubt he makes it all the way to the end…he’s just not mainstream enough.

Haley Reinhart: Haley’s rendition of “Call Me” didn’t do it for me. I don’t know if it was the song in general or her voice with that arrangement, but the whole thing seemed strained. But as J. Lo said, I don’t want any of the girls to get the boot. We only have two left!

Jacob Lusk: I found it pretty ironic mentor Jimmy suggested Jacob stay away from “corny,” but then suggested he sing “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” — which might be the cheesy, most melodramatic song ever. That said, he killed it. Per usual.

James Durbin: James is seriously trying to push the metal on us, and it’s not working for me. That said, the judges seemed obsessed with it — to each his own, I suppose.

Who was YOUR favorite tonight? And most importantly, who do you think is going home? Sound off below!