'Real Housewife' Ramona Singer: Jill Zarin Will Self-Destruct Like 'Suicide Bomber!'

Tue, April 12, 2011 5:00pm EST by 11 Comments

Team Ramona slaps Team Jill: Ramona says Jill tweeted fans asking them to vote for her — and still lost! What a smack in the face!

The Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer can’t believe that her co-star Jill Zarin requested a recount on a poll when fans voted Ramona more likeable than Jill!

“When we were walking the carpet for TV Land [on April 10], people mentioned it to me saying, ‘Did you know she demanded a recount?'” Ramona tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively. “I said, ‘Are you kidding me? Why would she do that?'”

“And then I found out that she tweeted everybody to please vote for her,” Ramona says. “She’s tweeting all of her fan base to vote for her — and she still lost!”

Ramona says Jill brings trouble on herself. “Jill is her own worst enemy,” says Ramona. “She’s very competitive. She doesn’t know how to let things go.”

“Obviously she was the most disliked housewife last season because the way she treated Bethenny Frankel,” continues Ramona. “And she’s trying to redeem herself this year. But then her first episode, she’s nasty to Alex behind her back and to me. So why are people going to vote her?”

Ramona on the other hand doesn’t try to cover up her faults like Jill does. “I may not say the nicest things to you, but at least I’m not playing a game behind your back,” she says. “I admit, my mouth is sometimes unedited. I’m ramontional. I don’t think before I speak, but at least I tell you to your face.”

Jill “pretends she’s all nice, nice, but it’s all about Jillousy,” Ramona says. “She’s like a suicide bomber. She’ll self-destruct.”

Andy Cohen said we were going to have a little vote on Team Ramona or Team Jill,” remembers Ramona. “I just thought OK, very cute. Whatever the result is, it is. I’m not so competitive and so anxious to win that I’m going to start tweeting while I’m on with Andy. But she did, which I had no clue about. I had no clue that she was so upset with the results that she demanded a recount.”

- Lindsey DiMattina

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Nick Nadhob

Posted at 5:18 PM on June 2, 2013  


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jon urban

Posted at 4:14 PM on September 18, 2011  

you guys should out ramona’s crazy brother ‘nicky’ on youtube ” the burning patriot “

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jon urban

Posted at 4:07 PM on September 18, 2011  

ramona is of ukrainian descent. the jews killed 20 million of her people during the ‘holdomar famine”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnnUHdlTkto

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jon urban

Posted at 4:00 PM on September 18, 2011  

jews are a sick group of christ hating devils. go ramona

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Posted at 2:41 PM on April 17, 2011  

Glad to see Team Jill has been making up for their terrible election turn out with the ridiculous comments about Ramona. LOL.
I’m Jewish and didn’t take offense to the suicide bomber remark. How is that anti-semetic exactly??
Hey Jill – Ramona won’t be reading the above comments. She has a life outside of Googling herself hourly. you should try it.

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Posted at 3:59 PM on April 14, 2011  

Jill is pathetic….

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Dee from Florida

Posted at 6:59 AM on April 13, 2011  

Really Ramona,,like a suicide bomber, Guess like the rest of the housewives, do whatever you can to get press. You and Jill seem alot alike.

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Posted at 1:49 AM on April 13, 2011  

OMG has Ramona snapped? “A suicide bomber?” That’s not only a SICK thing to say but it’s a back handed anti-Semitic comment towards Jill. BRAVO should FIRE RAMONA.

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Posted at 10:27 PM on April 13, 2011  

Ramona has a sadistic personality.
Ramona’s comment on Andy Cohen WWHL about “I don’t care who people have sex with. If it’s dogs, cats. I don’t care”. I can’t believe something so stupid came from her obnoxious mouth.Ramona needs to hide under a rock. The fans that support her instability are equally sadistic.

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Jessica M.

Posted at 6:18 PM on April 12, 2011  

I like Jill because she does have a lot of faults. I’ve only got to see the season that aired on NBC at noon Central Time here in Texas, but even at that I like Jill in the two season I slaw. Ramona is alright and she tells it like it is, but she is more diarrhea of the mouth then I am. I at less pull some of the punches.

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Posted at 5:01 PM on April 16, 2011  

Oh God Jill stop bad mouthing Ramona

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