'Sister Wives' Recap — Meri Gets Fired As Kody & Christine Party In Vegas!

Mon, April 11, 2011 9:17am EST by 3 Comments

Things are starting to heat up on ‘Sister Wives,’ as the Brown family slowly begins to feel the repercussions of living a polygamist lifestyle in the public eye!

Things are not going so great for the Brown family on Sister Wives. The family is under investigation for their polygamist lifestyle and now Meri has lost her job, something she blames on her appearing on the family’s reality show. It appears that there may be some major second guessing as to whether or not this show was a good idea for the family.

The episode kicks off with the news that Kody and Christine are taking a trip to Las Vegas, bringing their children along with them. This was incredibly interesting and one of the brief moments where the show actually gives you a real peek into the lifestyle, and the realization that this alone time with the individual families must be crucial to the success of the larger unit.

So off they go an, 350 miles later, arrive in a very, very fancy retreat that seems to be a perk of their family’s new found TLC fame. Before anyone gets excited for some real debauchery however, be aware that this is not the Vegas of casinos and strip clubs, but rather a getaway 30 minutes from downtown. It kind of stinks as the possibility of Kody coming face to face with a Jersey Shore castmember at Jet was oddly enthralling.

The trip turns sour however when Meri and Kody speak and Meri informs her hubby she has been passed over for a new job after having been fired from her last job because of the show. At least that is what it appears she was saying, she was oddly vague and cryptic so it was a little confusing to fully understand.

Meri seemed to be taking this very hard, as she should, and in yet another breakthrough educational moment on the show (they are few nd far between so two in one episode was a real treat), explained this foolish notion that people judge them for bringing their children into their polygamous lifestyle. As Janelle explained, quite succinctly and intelligently, every parent brings their children into their world with their set of beliefs. And what are your beliefs if you do not teach them to your children?

This is obviously a terrific point, the difference however being that most families do not in turn involve their children in a reality show.

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Posted at 10:46 PM on December 31, 2011  

Did anyone notice in that Christmas morning picture with all the children that all the kids (including the boys) weren’t wearing pjs but were ALL wearing pull over gowns with v-necks? No idea where you can buy these things, they looked homemade. Is that like the Magic LDS underwear? Weird.

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Posted at 5:10 PM on September 28, 2011  

I just watched this episode and I really feel so bad for Meri. I’m totally shocked to hear that her employer fired her from her job because of this! Heck, that would for sure be illegal where I live, and she sure would have won had she sued her employer. The only exception is if she e.g. worked for a church or something like that, where there is a clause in the contract saying that you, in order to work there, has to share their beliefs, and that part of those beliefs would be that polygamy is a sin and against that belief. Or if it was a job where you have to have a 100% clean record with the Police and can’t be in a position where you break the law in any way, and you marry a person who is already married – as Kody has done. But I can’t see how Meri has broken the law in any way. When she married Kody, he was not married and she was not married. So neither of them committed a crime, but according to the law, Kody did later, 3 times. Can’t see how anybody can blame her that she has not divorced him because of his polygamy, but I am not an attorney, there may be more to that part of the law than I know – but as I understand it, he is the one who has married more than one person, each of the women have just married one man, hence I can’t see that they have broken the law (as I understand the law, I am not 100% sure, but I wouldn’t think that the women have done something wrong)…

I really feel for Meri in this situation. I can’t help but feel empathetic towards her and the problems she is facing. I can only imagine how this must have felt for her, terrible! I do not agree in their lifestyle, but I do feel respect for the fact that they do fight for what they believe in and that they have chosen to be open, in order to let other people get a chance to understand a bit of how life is for these people – and this even if it is a big personal risk for them and their family. Can only imagine how devastating it would have been for them and their children if Kody was convicted and had to go to prison because of their beliefs. Losing the largest part of the family’s income… But, at the same time, there can’t be any doubt that this actually is against the law. I have heard of people before that “sort of” live a polygamous lifestyle, but they chose to not get formally married, and by doing it that way, nobody can cause them problems. I mean, there are marriage seremonies existing which are not approved and for that reason, the “marriage” is not formally a marriage – but for the two people involved, it may mean as much as any other marriage (except for the legal parts, the rules for how to go about things in case of a separation/divorce). Marriage has not, as an institution, not always been as it is today. But even then, the two parties felt that they had been given God’s approval of their relationship. Things would have been so much less complicated, had these people been able to choose such an alternative instead, e.g. calling it a marriage in God’s eyes, though not in the Government’s eyes. They still could commit to each other etc. etc. But, still, this would not give the couple and their children the protection a legal marriage gives… Can’t wait to watch more to find out more about how the investigation went etc. Season 2 of the series is broadcasted right now where I live, so we are a few months behind the US time wise, that is why I watched this right now, not in May OSLT…

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