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Justin Bieber: Get a Grip! Your On-Stage Crotch-Grabbing Makes Us Wince!

Thu, April 7, 2011 9:32am EDT by 42 Comments
Getty Images

Getty Images

Is Biebz’ manhandling macho or just too much (for a 17-year-old)?

Not even the teenage Michael Jackson was this obsessed with his own package.

And we hate to say it, but JB is clearly trying to unleash something of his own manhood. Whether it’s his continual refusal to zip his fly, even throughout an entire concert, or now this — on stage in Barcelona, April 6 — Bieber clearly thinks he’s read the, ahem, manual on how to act like a man on stage.

Of course, there’s also his fly-down fashion statements on the red carpet, even on the music industry’s biggest night — the Grammys!

Justin — you’re not Tom Jones (yet)! Keep it in your pants — and your hands off!