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Lorena On Grey's Anatomy: Meredith & Derek Might Adopt A Baby! I'm So Excited!

Thu, April 7, 2011 6:00pm EDT by 1 Comment

It sounds like Mer/Der might finally get the baby they’ve always wanted!

Grey’s Anatomy‘s season finale last year was heartbreaking when we watched Meredith Grey suffer a miscarriage in the aftermath of the horrible shooting incident at the hospital. This season, she and Derek Shepherd have been trying desperately to have a baby, despite Meredith’s “hostile uterus” and subsequent fertility problems. Now, new spoilers hint she might be getting what she wished for!

Our sister site TVLine points out that the season finale is entitled “Unaccompanied Minor.” The first thing that comes to mind (since Michael Ausiello referenced the title in response to a question about Meredith and Derek having a baby) is that a child with no parents is featured in the episode, and so Mer/Der find a way to adopt him/her. That’s just me jumping to conclusions because I really want them to have the baby they have been hoping for, but I don’t think it’s completely unfounded. Sidenote: “unaccompanied” could also refer to the spoiler that Callie’s dad isn’t around to walk her down the aisle, but the theme is obviously parents and the “minor” part could still refer to Mer/Der. We know how Grey’s loves their multiple meanings.

TVGuide ties in the Meredith and Derek are making their marriage official spoiler, and goes as far as saying the couple might be getting married in order to speed up an adoption process!

I may be reaching, but when it comes to Grey’s Anatomy spoilers, where there’s smoke there’s fire and I’m thinking Meredith and Derek are getting themselves a son/daughter, be it a baby or an older child.

What do you guys think? Is a child likely? And would you rather have Mer/Der raise a son or a daughter? While we are at it, anybody want to guess an age range?

Lorena O’Neil


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