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Mommy-To-Be Alexandra Is Lusting For Guacomole! What Are Your Cravings?

Thu, April 7, 2011 5:06pm EDT by Add first Comment

For someone who had been mindful of her figure as most women are, I found my pregnancy as a chance to be the healthiest I could be.

No more triple doses of iced-coffee or meal skipping. No more polishing off a bottle of wine…or two….with girlfriends. I was determined to eat like we all dream of eating…fruits, vegetables, lean meats, low carb. This was a time to eat healthy and finally BE healthy!

As I found myself in the first trimester of my first pregnancy, foods I once loved, I couldn’t bare the smell of, while foods I never liked, I ate with such ferocity. My cravings were not those bizarre combinations you read about in magazines like pickles and ice cream. Instead, I craved one item at a time: orange and pomegranate juices, grapefruits and all kinds of berries, avocados and artichokes prepared any way.

The best, of course, was when they came together, like the dish at a local restaurant, Amaranth: avocado and artichokes with shaved parmesan cheese! Yum!

You could also find me running into Rosa Mexicana and Dos Caminos for a double order of guacamole to go. And of course, there was also chocolate…. anything that had that little morsel of heaven, I became drawn to like a magnet.

As my waist started to fill out, I became concerned about the possibility of stretch marks, so I started applying all the lotions, potions and creams early on.

A friend recommended Elasticity Belly Oil by Belli Pregnancy. It may not be for everyone, as its texture is quite greasy, but if you get your husband to do the dirty work, it also works great as a massage oil for the entire body. I religiously continue to alternate between the Belly Oil and pure almond oil, which Parisian women swear by is the best remedy to prevent stretch marks.

Nothing hydrated the skin on the rest of my body like Mustela Ultimate Hydration cream. I know…I bought into some of the hype, but even though it is said that getting stretch marks are hereditary, I wasn’t going to take the chance and rely solely on mother nature!

Try out some of the products I use — and of course eat lots of guacamole! Let me know how it goes!

–Alexandra Osipow

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