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Love, Lies & Betrayal! The 'Teen Mom 2' Finale Reunion Was Heated & Heartbreaking!

Wed, April 6, 2011 5:15pm EDT by 16 Comments

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion special was full of tears, drama & emotional outbursts! Tell us what you thought about the intense special!

Custody battles, abusive relationships, and a brief stint in jail! The first season of Teen Mom 2 brought bigger drama, more meltdowns, and dealt with deeper issues than anyone expected! Tensions exploded during the reunion April 5 when Dr. Drew confronted the four young mother’s biggest issues.

For the past few months, we’ve watched Leah Messer, Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, and Chelsea Houska struggle to beat the odds as teen moms and work to create better futures for their babies. They’ve had to juggle motherhood, boy drama, and pursuing better futures before they even turned 20 years old. Their fast tracks to adulthood was harder than what they were prepared for and we saw them all falter under the pressure.

Now that they’ve told their stories to the world, these four girls are taking the stage to defend their actions and repent for their bad behavior on the finale special.  Check out what’s been happening in these teen’s lives after the cameras stopped rolling, and tell us what you think!

Leah Messer: Watching Leah gush about her relationship with new husband Corey Simms was adorable, and we’re glad that despite their young age and hardships, they still have a strong relationship. Only 20 percent of teen moms marry their baby’s daddy, and we’re glad Leah has beaten the odds. Not everything in Leah’s life is a fairy tale, though. It was heartbreaking to hear her talk about the frustrations of not knowing what is wrong with Ali, and how scared she is for daughter’s future. Leah did clear up the rumors that they’re trying for another baby: She’s looking to expand her family, but not right now.

Chelsea Houska: Unfortunately, Chelsea is back with her verbally abusive and philandering boyfriend, Adam Lind. I was really disappointed she went back to him, because it’s not a healthy relationship for her or the baby. It’s hard to feel bad for her though, because as Dr. Drew suggested, she is stuck in a cycle of abuse and it will never get better until she chooses to leave him for good. Watching them quibble over how often they have broken up in the past 60 days just reaffirmed the point that they have no business being together. We’re just glad Chelsea has such a supportive family, and hope she realizes that she can do so much better than deadbeat Adam.

Kailyn Lowry: Kailyn is such a success story of a young girl persevering through a tough situation. Despite all the hardships she has encountered she is now supporting herself in her own apartment, she is going to school, and she holds down a job while being a mother and a girlfriend. My heart has always gone out to Kailyn because she seems like such a sweet-hearted girl, and it was difficult to watch all the drama ensue between her and baby daddy, Jonathan Rivera. It’s sad to see him lash out at her with such harsh words, but we’re glad she was strong enough to get out of that verbally abusive relationship and find support in someone new. We think her new boyfriend Jordan Wenner is a perfect match, and a real stand-up guy for stepping into a messy situation and being committed for the long run. Also how cute is it that she is his first girlfriend and he loves her!

Jenelle Evans: I am not a huge Jenelle fan, but watching her confrontation with her mother on the reunion special was heartbreaking. I think that Jenelle needs to get her priorities in order, her temper in check, and ditch her low-life boyfriend, but it was pretty cold for her own mother to tell Dr. Drew on national television she was not lovable. Especially after Jenelle admitted to being insecure about not feeling loved, and that being the reason why she is always bouncing from guy to guy. I think Jenelle needs some tough love and a reality check, but she didn’t deserve to be treated that coldly by her mother on TV. I hope Jenelle and her mother work through their issues, because until they do, she will only continue to spiral out of control and lose all motivation to be a good mother to her son, Jace.

Dr. Drew did a great job at mediating the reunion and bringing to the surface important issues that girls across America face. All the teen moms admitted to inner insecurities of being abandoned, unloved, or failing which explained mistakes, motivations, and fears. The show also touched upon the importance of birth control, and what methods the girls are using to prevent pregnancy now that they fully understand the dangers of unprotected sex.

To all the show’s critics, I think this season really drove home the point being a teen mom isn’t easy.  All four of those girls had stories of immense struggle, sacrifice, and sadness that made me grateful for the opportunities I have as a girl their age without a baby. Tell us what you thought of the Teen Mom 2 Reunion special? Who is YOUR favorite mom?

Nicole Fukuoka