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Man Sentenced For Tattooing 'Daddy's Boy' On His 3-Year-Old Son! Isn't This Crazy?

Wed, April 6, 2011 3:44pm EDT by Add first Comment

The father has been banned from seeing his son after branding him with the letters, ‘DB.’

26-year-old Eugene “Stonner” Ashley pleaded guilty to tattooing his 3-year-old son, Matthew, with the letters “DB” for “Daddy’s Boy.” He was sentenced to one year probation, a $300 fine and is currently not allowed to have any contact with his son. What kind of parent would submit their child to torture for their own pleasure? This is just INSANE.

The worse part is, he told authorities he was drunk at the time and doesn’t remember getting his son the tattoo!

Officers of the Department of Family and Child Services discovered the boy’s tattoo in May 2009 after they made a house call to Eugene and his wife Amy‘s home due to complaints about the living conditions. The couple have four children in total, although Eugene is not the biological father. He adopted them when he married Amy.

Policemen arrested Eugene for tattooing someone under the age of 18. According to reports, Matthew was “inked” somewhere between January and May of 2009.

“My son runs up to me and says, ‘Mommy, I’ve got a tattoo,’ and I said, ‘You do? Does it wash off?’ and he said, ‘No, it’s real,'”Amy says of when she first found out about Matthew’s tattoo. “There’s no excuse for what he did. I mean common sense, you just don’t tattoo a three-year-old. I just wish he hadn’t done it.”

Matthew was taken into custody by the DCFS and is now living with his uncle, George Hawkins.

–Leigh Blickley
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