Experts Say Barbara Evans' Insults Have Turned 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Into A Wild Child!

Wed, April 6, 2011 4:00pm EST by 11 Comments

And sadly, Barbara’s treatment of Jenelle could negatively affect baby Jace, too!

Jenelle Evans is the wild child of Teen Mom 2, but after the show’s April 5 reunion, it seems like much of her bad behavior can be blamed on a rough upbringing from her mom Barbara Evans!

Barbara often throws insults at her 19-year-old, calling her a “bitch,” “lowlife” and a “bad mother.” But her words really struck a chord on last night’s reunion when Barbara called her daughter “unlovable” — that seemed even colder than some of the profanity she throws around! spoke exclusively with Dr. Gilda Carle, author of Teen Talk with Dr. Gilda, and she said hearing insults from a parent fundamentally stunts emotional development!

“When a child grows up hearing that she’s ‘unlovable’ throughout her life, guess what behavior she’ll take on: that of being unlovable,” Dr. Carle says. “Our parents set our standards from our earliest years. If a parent tells a child she is ‘ugly,’ ‘stupid,’ or ‘unlovable,’ any young mind will see this as a truth. She will then, unconsciously, want to make that parent proud by becoming that standard. While this is not usually a conscious behavior, it is, nonetheless, the shoe into which a child deliberately attempts to fit.”

Dr. Carle says it’s important for parents to use positive reinforcement over negativity.

“Parents — never say demeaning things to your children,” she says. “They will grow up becoming whatever you predict they are. Instead, send your child honest positives, truthful messages about your child that he or she can develop and shine with!”

That sounds like great advice to live by — and we hope Barbara tries to steer Jenelle to healthy life decisions instead of driving her away!

‘Teen Mom 2? Jenelle Evans: Kieffer Delp Broke Into My House! Exclusive!

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Posted at 2:50 PM on May 2, 2013  

Barbara is 100% responsible for the way Janelle turned out. Janelle needs to get her act together though and get Jace back so he can have a half way normal life away from that idiot.

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Posted at 2:45 PM on May 2, 2013  

I feel bad for Janelle’s son. He is gonna be so messed up later in life living with someone with such negative feelings and comments about his mother. Janelle definitely isn’t the perfect mother by no means but he shouldn’t grow up hearing all these things about her. He himself will probably grow up hating her and turn to drugs to as a way to cope with the environment he is being raised in.

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Posted at 7:48 PM on February 3, 2013  

I love Jenelle. She’s always been my favorite teen mom. I feel bad for her because she’s never really gotten a chance to care for Jace. Barbara is a control freak and emotionally abusive towards Jenelle. She always kicks Jenelle when she’s down instead of meeting her halfway. If she just gave Jenelle a little bit of space and encouragement I think their relationship could go a long way. Half the reason Jenelle did drugs was probably a coping mechanism for dealing with her home life. She also dates abusive guys who can make her feel loved and accepted because she doesn’t feel loved at home, until she realizes they are just bad news. I hope Jenelle gets better. I feel like she’s been pushed in all different directions and constantly hurt by the people that are closest to her. I hope she will regain custody of Jace and be happy. I also hope she learns to take care of herself.

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Posted at 11:16 AM on March 9, 2012  

Barbara Evans is 99 percent to blame for Jenelle’s problems.

For one thing, you really don’t end up with a “problem child” unless you’re a bad parent yourself. So, honestly, Barbara has no one to blame but herself. I just recently rewatched episode 1 of Teen Mom 2 and Jenelle actually seemed like a normal girl trying to adjust to teen motherhood. She did go out and have fun sometimes, but if Jace is sleeping and someone else is there to watch him, it’s really not a big deal for her to go out for a few hours. Staying out all night, that’s another story.

Barbara never gave Jenelle an opportunity to be a mother to Jace. She never allowed her to do any of Jace’s caretaking, then constantly insulted her for not doing enough. Jenelle sincerely was trying to take care of her son. Eventually, she just broke and started hanging out with the wrong people and having the wrong priorities. Also, it seems like every time Jenelle tries to get her life together, Barbara has to make it into a bunch of drama and upset her. One step forward, two steps back.

Jenelle’s done a lot of stupid and irresponsible things, but honestly I truly believe she could be a great mother if given the opportunity, and if she left Barbara’s house. Barbara is the root of her emotional problems and her anger issues. With what that woman does and says, I don’t know how Jenelle stays SO patient for so long. She tells her to leave her alone, and she gets right back in her face and won’t let her calm down.

What Jenelle needs is to cut her mother off, get custody of her son again (though with all the jail time and drug charges and such I doubt that’s possible at this point) and get into a program like Kailyn where she can have her own place and focus on herself. She needs to move far away from her druggie friends and start a new life and get some confidence. Being on her own would certainly help her to build some confidence. Honestly, I think Jace being raised by Barbara is way worse than him being raised by Jenelle. Just think how he’ll turn out with Barbara in his face for 18 years!!!

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Posted at 8:45 PM on July 17, 2011  

Honestly, I feel for Jenelle. My father and I have a similar relationship to her and her mother. Nothing I would ever do was ever good enough for him. I’d get good grades, be good, and have friends, he’d say for me to do better, I’d amount to nothing, I was no good, and that I was a problem child.

When you hear your a problem child all the while your at a developing into a person, you get fed up with the seemingly fruitlessness of trying to please and unpleaseable parent and you just give up. You say, “You know what? I AM problem child, and I’m gonna be the best goddamn problem child there is.” My father also said many a time that I was unloveable and that he had to try to get along with me. Thus I became the worst person ever.

I never had any children, but I did a lot of the things that Jenelle did: drugs, disrespect, and hanging out with the wrong people. I’m older now and I see that by doing all of that I allowed my dad to win and control how I thought about myself. Now I’m on the otherside of recovery and I’m more mature.

I’m not at all saying that what Jenelle does to her son is right, because it isn’t. She is perpetuating the dysfunction onto another generation. Monsters are not born, but rather created. Barbara put that into Jenelle, just as Barbara’s mother put that into her. I only hope that Jenelle will just eventually get it before her son goes down the same path her and I did…..

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Posted at 5:00 PM on April 22, 2011  

It’s interesting that the post say that Janelle is an adult now and should act accordingly. How? She was never equipped with the proper tools and apparently neither was her mother.

I too had had an unfit mother but I was not a teen age mom. I was a grown married women when I had a child but I realized that I was still the “girl” that my mother had raised. I made a concerted effort to NOT that be that mom. 28 yrs later, my daughter and I have not a perfect relationship but a

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Posted at 5:01 PM on April 22, 2011  

but a WONDERFUL relationship…. You can’t change what you don’t know.

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Posted at 8:59 AM on April 7, 2011  

No question her mother is horrible but jenelle is an adult now and a mom. She needs to step up and take responsibility for her own actions. Most people have some kind of issue w their childhood. Move on.

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Posted at 8:58 AM on April 7, 2011  

This is my share of my life: When I heard Jenelle at the Reunion say that her mom doesn’t talk to her with comprehension and calmness and love, I got a click in my head and I inmediately understood why her behaviour. I use to fight and punch my grandma and my mom when I was from 12 to 14. I was a complete wreck. I was the most bad manner girl you could imagine. It was mostly the frustration of the situations going on in my school which girls would bullly me. Then after years of bad manners, I use to start confiding my grandma about things we became best friends and she could talk to me relax and calm. And if something was wrong with me she would said is alright and I felt so much better. Well, my mom is another story she is the tougher of the family. Everytime something wrong happens to me (which I had trouble with law and got in mental ward) she would act stupid. As of today with my 26 I have a carrier in nursing, my mom and me relationship is not the best but we can talk for a few minutes before she bails which I don’t mind but it gets annoying at times. But I just found the balance and I learned that my mom needs professional help and that I can’t solve her problems but I can help her get help. So I suggest to Jenelle that her mom needs help. And you need family counseling cause lilke I read the mom had trouble with her other children which means she tend to press buttons not address issues and help understand and try to solve instead she just mock her children. If you are a mother you have to give unconditional love no matter what because at the end of the day you are their mother.

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Posted at 2:40 PM on April 6, 2011  

although, it was wrong of mom to call jenelle a B* and unlovable…. jenelle actions and irresponsibility, drug use and preference to have a low life boyfriend over her son would cause any parent to go a little crazy. this girl needs to clean up her act and show she really wants to change before she gets her mothers trust and respect back.

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Posted at 1:27 PM on December 17, 2011  

A little crazy? I beg to differ. Barbara is a frickin’ nut case and she’s going to screw up Jace just like she screwed up Jenelle. I’m confident that one day Jenelle will grow out into a responsible adult who is capable of taking care of her child. Barbara, on the other hand, there is no hope for that woman.

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