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Bonnie Says: Charlie Sheen — You're Disgusting To Attack Ex-Wife Denise Richards In Your 'Torpedo Of Truth' Show!

Wed, April 6, 2011 6:35pm EDT by HL Intern 29 Comments

Charlie Sheen, you are despicable for leading the crowd at your Cleveland show in a chant of ‘f**k* that b***ch’ on stage!

How dare you verbally abuse the mother of your two young daughters, Sam, 7, and Lola, 5. It would be horrible enough to do in private –but to do it publicly makes it even more likely that your two precious daughters are going to hear that Daddy is hurting Mommy!

And what has poor Denise Richards done to deserve (in your twisted mind) this abuse?

She has just tried to shelter your daughters from being exposed to the wild things you’ve said about Two And a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre and the Warner Brothers studio, which produced the show.

She’s also tried to shelter them from your alternative lifestyle — a home and bed shared with two ‘goddesses’ at a time, including a porn star.

Denise has steadfastly NOT criticized you publicly, even after you were fired from your hit show. Even after Denise, Sam and Lola were staying across the hall from you at NYC’s Plaza Hotel when you trashed your suite, the police were called and you had to be taken to the hospital.

Denise was in the midst of promoting her TV show Blue Mountain State on Spike TV, when you freaked out in that embarrassing Plaza meltdown. But she kept her lips zipped!

So this is how you repay her loyalty and maturity? You try to insult and humiliate her in front of thousands of people during your tour.

You need to stop your selfishness and recognize that when you demean the mother of your children you hurt them terribly. They love both of you and will not understand why you are attacking their mother. They will feel torn between the two of you.

You have claimed in interviews with the Today Show that you are a loving and caring father who’s entitled to have a close relationship with your children.

Well, if you are a caring father, you will respect Denise and never mention her name negatively again — in one of your stage shows or anywhere in public.

And as far as that audience of Charlie Sheen fans who joined in the vulgar chant — “Shame on you!”

–Bonnie Fuller

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