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Is Tori Spelling Faking A Pregnancy?

Tue, April 5, 2011 9:58am EDT by 8 Comments

Yesterday, Tori denied being pregnant on the Today show. Then she went out last night sporting what looks to be a well-defined baby bump. What’s up with that???

Reality queen Tori Spelling was on the Today show yesterday promoting her new show, Tori & Dean Storibook Weddings, and when Kathie Lee Gifford asked her if she was pregnant, Tori said NO. Then she went to the Oxygen Upfront event last night and is it just us, or can you see a very clear baby bump under that blue dress?? So is she faking a pregnancy for atttention? For publicity for her show? We’d hate to think that she would do that. So what’s the deal, Tori? 

The only other thing we can think of is that Tori is 37-years-old (she’ll be 38 in May) and many women who get pregnant over the age of 35 opt to get an amnio test at 5 months to make sure everything is OK with the baby. Could she be waiting until after she has that test to announce her pregnancy? Or is she waiting to announce it on her new show? So confusing. Because Tori is usually soooooo skinny (too skinny, some feel) so something is up!