Leigh Says: Katie Holmes Dedicates The Entire Month Of April To Suri's Birthday! HUH?

Tue, April 5, 2011 11:20am EDT by 12 Comments


Suri has the final say on all her birthday plans, from the theme down to the frosting on the cake, and her parents wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t know about this…

I get that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise want “to make Suri happy” on her 5th birthday, but seriously — a whole month dedicated to party planning meetings, cake demands, and pre-celebration temper tantrums? 4-year-old Suri has way to much control over the Cruise clan.

“Her birthday is my favorite day of the year and I like to dedicate April to her birthday,” Katie told Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (April 4). “It’s a big day.”

First off, I get that Suri is your daughter, Katie, but your FAVORITE day?

“She really helps plan her party because I want her to be happy and so she wants her friends to come over, and a slumber party,” Katie explains. “So we make lists and we have meetings and she picks out things and she wants to make the cake together and frost it together.”

OK, that’s cute, but still, it sounds like Suri’s a teeny bit demanding. (Especially for a little girl who still uses a pacifier and drinks from a bottle).

“There have been times when I’ve kind of done it all and she’s like ‘This isn’t the cake’ or whatever and I say, ‘OK, we’re going to do it together.’ And she’s really very, very good at it.” Good at what? Getting her way?

“We had a barbeque yesterday and she decorated the whole kids table and she made name cards for all the little girls,” Katie says. “It’s really sweet, I don’t want to stop that.”

I think it’s wonderful that Suri wants to plan her party, but she’s literally taking over! If my child ever told me that the cake I made “was not the cake” he/she wanted and told me I had to redo it, I don’t think I would be OK with that. Would you, HollyMoms?

Is this some sort of Scientology thing or is Suri just simply spoiled? No kid needs a month of birthday celebrations every year, it’s just unnecessary.


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Posted at 5:20 AM on January 7, 2012  

omg.. even if i’m way richer than tomkat i will never ever spoil my beloved child like they did.

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carol hunter

Posted at 7:26 PM on August 18, 2011  

If Scientoloty believes in allowing a child to make all of their own decisions – I pity the children of the parents and I pity the parents when the kids become teenagers!! Children want and very much need parental discipline. They may rebel against it, but it makes them feel that someone cares enough about them to actually enforce some rules and limitations. They may throw tantrums to get their way – but then they don’t really know what to do with the freedom when they get it. I’ve been caring for children for over 50 years and have seen various styles of parenting come and go – the parents who have learned the importance of disciplining their children; setting boundaries for them – usually have children who are well balanced and don’t grow up thinking that the world revolves around them – as Suri surely does. At least Katie seems to be a “hands-on” parent, but she’s sadly lacking in the wisdom necessary to raise her child with some boundaries in her life. No one can have what they want all the time and the sooner little Suri learns that lesson, the better.

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Posted at 10:05 PM on May 9, 2011  

Suri is spoiled. So what? It’s all relative. For Tom and Katie to spend $15k on flowers, given their money, it would be like us spending $300 or something, if that. Given their money and their lifestyle, what they offer Suri is on a grander scale that the rest of us middle income Americans. Imagine if your kid was pleased with pudding cups and popsicles and clowns. I’m an only child and my folks spoiled me too. For me that meant pony rides, sleepovers, more pony rides, and dresses. Nothing in price compared to Cruise, but again, it’s relative to what parents can afford. I say go for it. She may be spoiled but I’m sure she’ll grow up just fine. A diva with refined tastes. But fine.

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Posted at 7:46 PM on April 16, 2011  

wow i read this in a magazine and they say Tom Cruise has spent $15,ooo on only flower decorations for her party.. she so spoiled it’s not even funny

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Posted at 10:12 AM on April 6, 2011  

Well DUH she’s spoiled. Pfft, I’m an only child and my mama sure as hell doesn’t dedicate the entire month of August to MY birthday. “/ I get August 20th and that’s it for me.

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Posted at 12:45 AM on April 7, 2011  

Your mom couldn’t give you August because my mom gave it to me. :)

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Posted at 5:21 PM on April 5, 2011  

Will the kids at her party get goodie-bags filled with gummie penis’s?

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Posted at 12:46 PM on April 5, 2011  

yeah, yeah must be a kid herself to make such a ridiculous comment. Of course she is SPOILED – it’s part of Scientology that they never tell her “no” and she makes all her own decisions – ridiculous, especially at her age. I thought Katy was out of her mind to marry Tom Cruse (which ultimately means marry Scientology) but since she’s had Suri I am convinced she has totally lost her own mind. Pacifiers, high heels and a “bottle” – come on???

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yeah yeah

Posted at 12:24 PM on April 5, 2011  

no its not spoiled! beth

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yeah yeah

Posted at 12:23 PM on April 5, 2011  

who cares she is an only child her dad is TOM CRUISE!! she can have whatever she wants!

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Posted at 12:23 PM on April 5, 2011  

AMEN! I totally thinks she is spoiled. Its too much for a child.

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Posted at 12:29 AM on April 6, 2011  

Please nobody take this the wrong way. Suri has been treated like a fragile child since the day she was born..she is carried everywhere…I once believed there was something wrong with her legs..this child has horrible tantrums (meltdowns as they are called today). she still drinks from a baby bottle and sucks on a binky. Tom and Katie treat her like she does not have long on this earth. These are my thoughts. Something just is not quite right.

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