Bristol Palin Was Paid $262K By A Teen Pregnancy Prevention Foundation!! Wow!!

Tue, April 5, 2011 6:51pm EST by 5 Comments

That’ll make you think twice before you donate to this cause, huh?

It was revealed today that Sarah Palin‘s daughter, Bristol Palin, was paid $262,000 by The Candie’s Foundation in 2009, when Bristol was 18 and had just given birth to her baby, Tripp. According to tax documents, Bristol was paid as an “ambassador.” Wow, being a teen mom really pays off….if you’re Sarah Palin’s daughter!

The foundation says that Bristol is still working for them and that she “plays an important role by helping other teens understand the incredible challenges teen parents face.” What a pile of horse manure!

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Posted at 4:12 AM on April 7, 2011  

Oh! And as for Bristol Palin,
I have been critical of some of the things that she has actually done and said.
BUT, before we criticize her on this matter, consider this? Whether you are a republican or a democrat. If a company offered your 20 year old child the opportunity to make themselves more famous and offered to pay them more than $200,000 to do a few appearances and commercials, all of which would keep their name out there and open more opportunities to make more money, HOW MANY OF THEM WOULD TURN IT DOWN?
I am no fan of Bristol Palins based on her own words and actions. Over the last year and a half she has said and done enough for me to say, “that she is definitely not someone that I would ever want a kid to look up to.” But on the subject of her accepting a job with Candies or even Dancing With The Stars, it is kinda hard to blame her for doing what most 20 year olds would do if they had the same opportunity.
Is it because of her mother that she has had these opportunities come about? Absolutely! Is there politics involved? Absolutely! But, the biggest politics in this particular situation are that of the Candies Foundation.
Is it a shame that people get wealthy and famous off from bad decisions? Absolutely! But, it happens everyday. Look at Charlie Sheen.
If you are going to hold something against her, let it be her bad words and actions and not those of Candies. After all, it is the Candies Foundation that chooses to pay teenagers $35,000 to get pregnant and her much more.

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Posted at 3:12 AM on April 7, 2011  

Should anyone really be surprised about anything dealing with the Candies Foundation! Reality check, every year the head of an alcohol distributorship comes on a television commercial telling everyone to have a happy holiday season and if you are going to drink alcoholic beverages please use them responsibly. Does anyone really believe that most of these companies wouldn’t sell alcohol to 5 year olds if they could legally. These ‘so called’ public service type commercials and such are mostly a way of keeping groups from protesting the companies that sell this stuff. This is also the case where a company makes millions selling sexy clothing and perfumes to 12 year old girls and then starting a ‘so called’ charity organization to prevent teenage pregnancy. Is it really for the good or is it to create a distraction from what is really going on.

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Posted at 10:19 AM on April 6, 2011  

Bristol’s experience as a teen mom is not the norm (obviously). Not many “famous” teen moms are the norm. It is a shame that the Candie’s foundation couldn’t have put Bristol’s salary to better use.

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Posted at 9:41 PM on April 5, 2011  

Uh working consists of a 9-5 job where you actually have to, you know, WORK. Bristol is getting paid to fly around the country and talk about how bad it is to be a single teenage mother.

Real bad, $250,000+ bad. No wonder kids are going and getting themselves knocked up. Heck I’m tempted to.

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Posted at 7:13 PM on April 5, 2011  

In a time right now where teen pregnancy seems galmourized and exploited by stations such as mtv, its funny how you pick on Sarah Palin’s daughter merely because she’s Sarah Palin’s daughter. At least she kept her child, is working, and also letting girls know the reality of the situation. Leave her alone.

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