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Bonnie Says in Sister Wives Recap: Kody’s Wives Act Like A Harem Dressing Him For Halloween!

Mon, April 4, 2011 10:48am EDT by HL Intern 8 Comments

And close to the end of  last night’s , April 3rd episode, fourth wife Robyn, announces that she’s happy she “joined” this family, a few months ago.

What she should have said was –“harem!” While the four Brown sister wives don’t act like sex slaves — thank the Lord — they do spend more time fussing over their shared husband, Kody, as their entire batch of sixteen children.

The episode centered on Halloween and was mostly a big yawn, as the Browns, seem determined to turn themselves into a new larger version of Kate Plus 8.

The family piles into four cars to go to the pumpkin patch where each kid picks a pumpkin to carve. Back at the house, per usual, Kody focuses on … himself … and getting his own Halloween costume together, while his oldest son, Logan, supervises all the pumpkin carving.

The four wives hover over Kody and his crazy Halloween hair, far more than any of their kids, who don’t appear to have costumes, like their dad.  And Kody talks about his kids but barely per usual, interacts with them — he never picks up little months-old baby Truely; or helps any of them with their costumes or pumpkins.

So while the Browns are working hard to make us see them as just a normal, every day big suburban family, I just can’t help looking at Kody and thinking he’s a sperminator but not a fab dad.


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