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'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Does Make-Up Tip Video — She Looks Just Like Kristen Stewart!

Thu, March 31, 2011 7:46pm EDT by Add first Comment

Jenelle made a make-up tutorial on YouTube and we’ve picked out her five best tips! Plus she mentions baby Jace and drops the F-bomb!

Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans filmed a pretty amazing make-up tutorial for her fans and posted it on YouTube. In the video (in which she looks SO much like Kristen Stewart) she goes through the step-by-step process of how she puts on her makeup, with tips on which products to use and application. She also explains, “Jace is sleeping right now that’s why I’m doing this,” and refers to her mother using her make-up since they all live together now as we previously reported. Keep reading for Jenelle’s top five tips and watch the video!

Jenelle, who drops the F-bomb (around the 7:27 mark) when she can’t get her eye make-up perfectly even, gives serious tips on using foundation and painting your eyes. Here are our top five favorite tips:

  1. Use your hands “I use my hands for everything, I don’t use those pads or anything.”
  2. Don’t cake on foundation. “If you use just a little bit, it’ll cover it up and look natural at the same time.” Also, use some on your eyelids and underneath your eyes to cover up any redness or bags.
  3. Use both top and bottom eye-liner
  4. Pull your eye before putting on eye liner because “it’s way easier to put it on. I start from the back and then I pull forward.” She also doesn’t do it all the way around.
  5. Don’t cake your eye shadow on and “make sure you don’t get your eye shadow on your eye liner on your eye.”

Jenelle has been making headlines after fighting with Britany Truett. She just recently got kicked out of her house and brought 1-year-old Jace to live with her mother, who apparently likes to use her makeup. What do you think of Jenelle’s tips will you be using them? Are they helpful? Watch below!

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