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Lorena On 'Grey's' & Sara Ramirez: I Don't Think Callie Will Die Tonight, Do You?

Thu, March 31, 2011 5:38pm EDT by 5 Comments

Avid Grey’s Anatomy fans are worried that tonight’s episode could mean Sara Ramirez is leaving the show, but I don’t think Callie’s dying.

You know when someone asks you if you’re sure of something, and you answer “Yes!” confidently and then they say “Are you 100% sure because I think the complete opposite” and it leaves you saying “Yes” again but maybe without the exclamation mark and the confidence? That’s what happened to me today when discussing with fellow editors whether or not Callie would die tonight on Grey’s Anatomy, thus kicking Sara Ramirez off the show. But I’ve regained my confidence and I have multiple reasons why I think Callie won’t die.

Personally, I don’t think writer and creator Shonda Rhimes has the heart to kill off an essential character like Callie. And before you start saying “But it’s so Grey’s to do that” and throw Izzie, George, Burke and Denny in my face, let me just make my case. Callie is not the same as the other four characters who have been written off the show. First of all, only half of those characters are dead, and only one of them was killed off purely for storyline reasons and that was Denny Duquette. As happy as it may have made all of us to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s gorgeous mug on our small screens every week, the truth is he was never a main character. He always had a guest starring role and it was tragic when he died but it made for absoultely beautiful television and Shonda made the right choice. Grey’s wouldn’t be Grey’s without those heart-wrenching moments of Izzie devastated in her pink prom dress.

Speaking of Izzie — Katherine Heigl, in a similar vein to T.R. Knight and Isaiah Washington, was written off the show because of personal reasons. Katherine very publicly complained about the show in a not-so-hidden effort to get out of her contract so she could focus on movies. Isaiah Washington was dismissed after his homosexual slurs towards T.R. Knight, who ended up wanting out of Grey’s eventually as well and so George was subsequently run over by a bus.

If Sara Ramirez is leaving Grey’s Anatomy then that is the best kept secret ever. Plus Shonda just told our sister site that she’s already thinking of a second musical episode. They need Sara’s Tony-award winning voice for that! Especially since she’s launching her songwriting career with tonight’s episode.

I also think it’d be sad to lose such a successful gay couple on TV. It’s important for Grey’s to have this lesbian storyline, and Sara Ramirez has expressed how much the character means to some people. “Women have written saying thank you for representing a journey that I was ashamed of going through, scared to admit to myself,” explains the actress.

So to state it again, more enthusiastically this time, Callie is NOT dying tonight. And I don’t mean she’s not flatlining because we already saw that, but I mean she’s not dying for good. (And if by some crazy chance she does, not only will I be eating my words tomorrow but I’ll be begging Shonda not to bring her back as a ghost or “hallucination.”) I can’t say the same for her baby though. Sadly, I think that baby had a bullseye on it ever since it was created with Mark. But hopefully I’m wrong, for Callie’s sake.

What do you guys think? Do you think Callie is safe or is she a goner? Remember when Meredith almost died? Did you know then that she wouldn’t or were you just as worried? Sound off below!

Lorena O’Neil


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