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Lorena Says: Grey's Anatomy's Musical Episode Looks Amazing — I Can't Wait!

Wed, March 30, 2011 7:50pm EDT by 2 Comments

I was skeptical about Grey’s but now that I’ve seen the sneak peek videos, tomorrow can’t come soon enough!

When I was little, I always skipped to the back of a book when I was reading it, looking at the last page before finishing the first. I have little to no patience and cliffhangers agonize me. So even before entering the wonderful world of entertainment, I was always engrossed in googling spoilers for my favorite shows. (Michael Ausiello, I heart you). But if you aren’t like me, then go no further. If you ARE like me and you want to see some awesome sneak peek video footage (Arizona sings for Callie!)  from tomorrow’s big Grey’s Anatomy episode, then please, keep reading.

In the preview videos below we see a bevy of activity at Seattle Grace. Callie (Sara Ramirez) looks at herself post-crash (does anybody else find this scene sort of creepy? I never liked scary movies) while Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) cries for help and Sara’s gorgeous singing begins. Flash forward to Mark (Eric Dane) panicking while the other doctors try to calm him down and wait for the ambulance carrying Callie.

The scene where Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) are trying to get Callie to move her finger and then have to report back to a petrified Mark and Arizona … the whole thing feels like vintage Grey’s. And then I love the footage of Arizona singing while watching all of her friends perform surgery on Callie, and I don’t just love it because “How to Save a Life” was my ringtone for a year. Lexie looks so sad and her voice sounds so pretty! And Bailey’s (Chandra Wilson) voice is amazing as well.

I could do without good old Addie visiting but that’s to be expected since it’s complications with the baby, and that baby also happens to be Mark Sloane. Plus Addison and Callie were friends back in the day so it is fitting. But still, it doesn’t bode well for that poor baby.

Now about that baby, and in the spirit of spoiler talk, do you think the baby is going to survive? I’m thinking: not a chance. (Mean, I know, but honestly don’t you agree?) It’d be tough to have three people raising the baby and fans are already getting irritated with the storyline. Plus this would free Mark up for a more complicated love triangle with Lexie/Avery, and Callie would totally blame Arizona for crashing and Arizona would feel guilty and blame herself. (Sidenote: I’m sure this will happen tomorrow and I’m sure Mark will yell at her too, which I sort of pity Arizona even if she was the one driving. Nobody ever MEANS to crash.) And Callie wants the baby so badly it’s heartbreaking (remember the scene last week where she told Arizona it’s what she’s always been waiting for?) and in TV world when something is that important to you, you are bound to lose it.

Watch the videos below and let us know what you think!

Lorena O’Neil

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