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Parents Outraged Over 'Totally Inappropriate' Breastfeeding Doll For Little Girls!

Tue, March 29, 2011 12:45pm EDT by 13 Comments

Makers of “The Breast Milk Baby” claim that their new doll teaches young girls about the “magic of motherhood.” WHAT?

OK, this toy sounds even more inappropriate than padded bikini tops! A new doll designed for a child to simulate breastfeeding has sparked a huge amount of rage among concerned parents. Do you think The Breast Milk Baby ($89.00) is appropriate for young girls?

The doll, manufactured by Berjuan Toys, comes complete with a bib for the child to wear that has a flower indicating where the nipple is. If the doll is held up to the flower, it begins making suckling noises and starts to cry if it is not burped after “feeding.” This is just weird!

After the doll hit the shelves, parents went on the Internet to discuss their disgust over the “totally inappropriate” doll. “Why would a little girl need to learn how to breast-feed before she has breasts? Before she goes through puberty?” a commenter wrote on a New York Daily News article. “This is another disgusting example of forcing adulthood on our children decades before they’re ready to absorb it.”

But the maker of the new “motherhood” toy defends the doll, saying, “The whole purpose of The Breast Milk Baby is to teach children the nurturing skills they’ll need to raise their own healthy babies in the future,” Dennis Lewis, U.S. spokesman for Berjuan Toys explains. “We really don’t understand why this has created such controversy.”

I just think this is taking playtime (girls pretending to be mommies) a little too far.

What’s YOUR take HollyMoms? Do you think this doll is appropriate for young children?

–Leigh Blickley
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