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LAURA'S LOVE ADVICE: Should You Talk Wedding Before Engagement, Like Kim K and Kris Humphries Did?

Mon, March 28, 2011 11:23am EDT by Add first Comment

Kim reportedly referred to Kris as her “future husband” — via Twitter! Should you ever gush about your plans if you haven’t told your friends and family first?

If you’re to believe every Tweet you read, Kim Kardashian is going to the chapel and going to get married to boyfriend Kris Humphries. Although the stunning reality star is now claiming that her Twitter account was hacked by her pro basketball player BF, it’s clear that one of the two at least is admitting their intent to wed over the ‘net. Should they be more careful what they post online?

On March 27, Kim apparently tweeted that the NJ Nets star was her “future husband”, but then retracted the statement a few hours later, blaming her man. “Hump was playing on my phone. I will get him back!” she wrote.

If the two DID get engaged, announcing the news on a public forum like Twitter or Facebook probably isn’t the stealthiest move on the planet (sarcasm here). If the engagement is officially, social media is a great way to get the news out, but Kim and Kris first would need to make sure they told their family and close friends first. Can you imagine your parents hearing the news about your impending nuptials from one of your numerous followers instead of from you? They’d be so hurt!

Now, if the two aren’t engaged, we’re dealing with a whole new kettle of fish. Even something as seemingly harmless as a tweet has the potential to hurt your relationship if you aren’t actually hearing wedding bells. So can gushing about a future engagement hurt your relationship or push it into the real deal?

Sorry, but prematurely announcing your wish to wed is only going to harm your relationship in the long run. Whether it’s you or your BF talking about the future, if this isn’t something you’ve talked about before, he’s likely to run the other way or simply get cold feet about making it official.

When it doubt, keep it off the Internet. Let that be a lesson to you!


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