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Are 'Bachelor' Brad & Emily Moving Too Fast For Her Daughter? Love Consultants Speak Out

Mon, March 28, 2011 6:24pm EDT by 21 Comments

Professional matchmaker and dating coach Matt Titus and his wife, author and media personality Tamsen Fadal, tell you whether it’s the right time for Brad to be getting to know Emily’s little girl Ricki. Read on for their views… invited our guest bloggers, The Love Consultants Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal, to give us their inside takes on how Brad Womack and Emily Maynard may be getting 5-year-old Ricki Hendrick too involved with their still-unsettled relationship.

Matt’s Take:

Bachelor Brad Womack spent the weekend visiting his fiancee, Emily Maynard, and her daughter, Ricki, in Emily’s hometown of Charlotte, N.C. Brad kept busy with a steady stream of tweets about “his girls” and the amazing time they spent together — it seemed like there was about 100 messages.

Hey dude, stop the insanity! To me it sounds like Brad is trying to convince himself that he’s really in love. Broadcasting every second of their weekend is not going to make that hope a reality. Twitter is not conducive to a healthy relationship; sending out 140 characters about your romance is diluting whatever is special about it in the first place. But I digress!

Even more distressing than the tweets are the photo-ops of the happy couple and little Ricki. I mean, have they no shame?

By agreeing to appear on The Bachelor, they put their entire lives on camera because they wanted the exposure, But does Ricki want to be in the public eye? Is Emily putting her daughter’s feelings first, or is she using her child as a prop to show how much she and Brad are progressing?

In my mind, these two are trying way too hard to look like a realistic couple. They always seem a few seconds away from fainting due to exhaustion! This is a farce. C’mon, folks — Emily isn’t even ready or willing to move to Austin, Texas, to live with Brad!

When these two celebrity-seeking lovebirds make a few moves in private and stay away from the magazine covers and their Twitter feeds for a few hours, then I’ll give them a break. But until then, they just don’t get my vote.

Tamsen’s Take:

When it comes to Brad and Emily, I’m always a skeptic. I find it very hard to treat them like a serious, relationship-minded couple.

The much-discussed and talked about couple haven’t exactly kept a low profile since the season finale of The Bachelor. Oh, of course they are quoted as saying they want privacy and private time to bond. But sending out endless Twitter updates and spending public play times in the park with Ricki would lead me to think otherwise.

Brad’s gushing over Emily’s skills as a mother on Twitter doesn’t sit right with me. What about Ricki? Does she approve of Brad letting the world know about what goes on in private? Is this the right time to have her get to know Brad, so soon after the media frenzy of his choosing Emily? More questions than answers are raised when it comes to this reality-TV coupling.

Introducing a new love interest to your young son or daughter is a very delicate situation and should not be done surrounded by the flashbulbs of the paparazzi. Privacy and patience is a must. This process demands that your child feels comfortable starting to befriend your new boyfriend or girlfriend slowly — and with a large amount of affection and trust.

So, we learned that Brad got to play at Discovery Place with Ricki and drink wine and lemonade with Emily. But the truth is, the weekend is not the way things will be every night if they all combine as a true family. Brad and Emily need make some serious choices soon. They need to live together and immerse themselves in a real relationship with a real commitment.  More importantly, they need to protect Ricki. First and foremost, Brad must stop sending out tweets about what an innocent 5-year-old girl is doing with Mom  — and Mom’s boyfriend!

If  doesn’t quit it, he and Emily are still living a TV fairy tale — and their relationship will never survive the harsh realities of a real romance.

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