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‘Kourtney & Kim' Recap: Kim Lies To Kris & Kourtney Kisses Another Guy!

Sun, March 27, 2011 11:59pm EDT by Chloe Melas 4 Comments

Kim wants to support Scott but her mom won’t let her — should she have lied?

Kim Kardashian finally stood up to her mom Kris Jenner! The March 27 episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York was one of the best of the season. The episode really mixed it up and gave us the much needed drama we needed!

The show started with the girls taking the subway for the first time ever! Kourtney and Kim even asked locals on the train if they’d ever been robbed — they really aren’t city girls! But after they manage to get safely off the subway, Kourtney gets a call from her agent telling her she’s landed a role on her favorite soap opera One Life To Live! It’s Kourtney’s acting debut so she gets really serious about learning her lines and even gets acting tips from her brothers ex-girlfriend Adrienne Bailon !

Meanwhile, Scott Disick is working tirelessly on launching a new product and is planning a big red carpet event for it. But Scott’s big night coincides with Kris’ dinner plans and she’s not too happy that Kim has agreed to support Scott. We all know Kris is Kim’s momager but she takes it to another level when she tells Kim it’s a conflict of interest for her to attend the event. Whether it’s truly because going will affect Kim’s many endorsements or because Kris just doesn’t like Scott … Kim tells Scott she can’t go!

While Kris is trying to lay down the law, Kourtney shows up to set and almost forgets her lines! But with the coaching of Adrienne and her secret knack for acting — she nails it! Kourtney even has to kiss her co-star!

Later that night is Scott’s big event and Kim decides to go and NOT tell Kris! But the next day Kris sees the photos of Kim online and freaks out! Kris goes down to Kim’s room in the Smyth Hotel and screams at her “you lied to me!”

But Kim stands up for herself and explains to her mom that she can make her own decisions — yay! After all, she’s 30-years-old.

We learned Kourtney might have a new calling and that Kim can be her own person! The episode was finally something that kept us entertained and we just hope the rest of this season can carry this momentum!

— Chloe Melas

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