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Bonnie Says: Jenelle, After Your Brutal Attack On Another Young Mom, You Shouldn't Have Custody of Baby Jace!

Fri, March 25, 2011 6:54pm EDT by 36 Comments

Jenelle -– your terrifying attack on your former friend Britany Truett means you are NOT fit to raise baby Jace.

Jenelle – how can you ever imagine that you are in a position to challenge your own mother, Barbara Evans, for custody of your 19 month-old son?

The frightening violence that you displayed as you pummeled another teen momBritany, in front of a group of friends, was terrifying to watch.

The brutal fistfight was all caught on film and so was your determination to hurt this other woman, who a source says you thought was coming on to your boyfriend, Kieffer Delp. You had to be pulled off her after repeatedly punching her in the face and chest.

It makes me wonder : would you lose it and pummel your little baby Jace if you were angry with him? If you have this kind of out-of-control temper,  how do we know you wouldn’t turn it on your own son? After all, you’ve already been filmed shoving your mother, Barbara.

I don’t think you should even have unmonitored visitation with Jace for now. You’ve demonstrated such poor judgment, I’m fearful for Jace’s well being. What if you even did something like this in his presence?

Jenelle – you need to grow up and you need to get anger-management therapy — fast! If you ever want to be a full-time mom to Jace, you must demonstrate that you have self-control.

Janelle — it’s time to grow up and to get a life that doesn’t involve EVER turning to violence!

— Bonnie Fuller

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