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'Jersey Shore' Season Finale: Sammi & Ronnie Call It Quits For Good — Again!

Fri, March 25, 2011 8:58am EDT by Chloe Melas 2 Comments

If you thought Sammi and Ronnie would make peace on the final episode of the season think again — the fights were bigger than ever!

Sammi finally stood up for herself! On the March 24 season finale of Jersey Shore Sammi and Ronnie ended the episode with a mega-fight! The two broke up for good after a fight over whether Sammi and Arvin had really been texting each other. Keep in mind they’ve been broken up this entire time!

Sammi even goes so far as to get on the phone with Arvin and lie when he confronts her about making out. She just keeps repeating “No we didn’t!” But Ronnie isn’t necessarily the pick of the litter — he falls asleep at work on his last day!

But the fun really began when they had an end of summer party and we got to see Deena show Snooki up on the dance floor. Snooki even graced us with her cartwheels and dances with Uncle Nino — yay! And of course a party wouldn’t be complete with out Pauly D headlining the event as the house deejay!

Oh and if you were wondering — JWoww and Roger are now exclusive. Roger decided to tie JWoww down with a label just in case the other guido came a-knockin’! So it turns out that Roger actually helped JWoww get over Tom Lippolis — her ex who is currently trying to sell naked pictures of her!

We thought everything between Ronnie and Sammi was going to possibly work out but then Ronnie got jealous — shocker! He thought that Sammi was talking too much to guys so they get into another fight and leave the house — but not together! How will this affect the cast when they head to Italy to film season four?

The entire season was more or less a complete letdown. Do you think the drama between Sammi and Ronnie was completely overplayed? They fought in every episode and it overshadowed a lot of the show.