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Kirstin's 'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Arizona's Proposal Was Desperate & Callie Needs To Get Over Mark!

Fri, March 25, 2011 3:24am EDT by 11 Comments

After a four week hiatus, Grey’s Anatomy came back March 24 with a bang (literally), which left me stunned…and a little peeved

Whenever characters on television are driving and talking, I always get nervous. Inevitably, intense car scenes end in trauma — and unfortunately, the March 24 episode of Grey’s Anatomy was no exception. Callie and Arizona were driving through the woods when…WHAM…disaster struck. And whether he deserves it or not, I place ALL the blame on Mark.

I love Calzona, so it breaks my heart watching Callie put Mark and Arizona on an equal level. Sure, Mark’s the father of Callie’s baby, but Arizona is her PARTNER. I don’t understand why she thinks they both get equal say in her life. Yes, parenting the child together is one thing. However, at the end of the day, Callie should be looking out for Arizona first and foremost.

But she doesn’t. After hyper-focusing on her baby shower the entire episode, Callie offers to take Arizona to a bed and breakfast away from the city. The trip goes well for a whopping 10 minutes, before Mark calls Callie, destroyed because he realizes Avery and Lexie are hooking up (that’s a whole other story). In typical Callie fashion, she puts Mark first and tries to call him back to console him. Frustrated (and rightfully so), Arizona grabs Callie’s cell phone and throws it in the back seat.

Never one to back down, Callie refuses to give up, takes off her seat belt (make a mental note of that) and picks up her phone. Meanwhile, she goes on a rant about how she’s trying to make Arizona, Mark and the baby inside her happy and it’s hard and she’ll do anything Arizona tells her.

(At this point, I was so angry at Callie. Once again, WHY is she trying to keep Mark happy? He’s the father and the friend, NOT her husband or boyfriend.)

Then, in a jealously-fueled power struggle, Arizona asks Callie to marry her from out of nowhere. It’s not romantic and it’s clearly not meant to happen right then. The proposal seems forced and done for the wrong reasons.

Unfortunately, before any of this can be digested Calzona’s car crashes and it’s all over. End scene. UGH.

Even though I saw it coming, my mouth was still agape. All I wanted was one scene with the old-fashioned Calzona chemistry! Is that too much to ask?

Apparently so. Next week, we’ll watch the beloved members of Seattle Grace Mercy West sing through the hallways as they desperately try to save Callie and her unborn baby. I hope they both make it, but I have a feeling Calzona the couple won’t be as lucky.

Do YOU think Calzona is over for good or will they figure out their issues after this accident?

What did you think about the rest of the episode “This Is How We Do It?” Will Adele be admitted into Mer and Der’s trial? Will Cristina become Chief Resident, even though Owen is in charge of picking?

Lastly, how do you feel about Avery and Lexie? Are they more than just sex or is she meant to get back together with Mark? Sound off below!