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Bethenny Frankel: I Don't Want My Mom In My Life, But Mom Says Bethenny Lies! Exclusive!

Fri, March 25, 2011 11:32am EDT by 42 Comments

DOUBLE EXCLUSIVE! Bethenny’s mom responds: ‘I consider her to be demented and beyond help — reconciliation is not up to her at all!’

The mother-daughter feud continues! Ten years ago, Bethenny Ever After star Bethenny Frankel had a major falling out with her mother Bernadette Parisella Birk. To this day, Bethenny has no intention of fixing their relationship. “It depends upon what I want, and I don’t know that I want that,” Bethenny tells exclusively. “My life is kind of the way I want it right now.”

In her new book, A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life, Bethenny’s addresses the issues that emerged from her childhood.

“I didn’t feel like a victim as a child, and I don’t feel like one now,” Bethenny, 40, writes. But “I never felt very safe, and I never felt like I could trust that someone else was in control of the situation.”

“I shouldn’t have been in Vegas at 13,” Bethenny explains to “I shouldn’t have been in nightclubs at 13.”

We also spoke with Bethenny’s mom — who said that Bethenny just isn’t telling the truth about her past.

“She was NOT in any nightclubs at 13, unless she was crawling out her bedroom window at night,” Bernadette tells us. “But yes, we took her to Vegas with us because we were not going to leave her with a babysitter.”

“We took her all over the world, she wasn’t out of my sight ever,” Bernadette adds.

Bethenny’s take? “My childhood was not terrible,” she admits during our interview. “I had a lot of happiness — or at least a lot of fun times. I did a lot of interesting things’ — but not necessarily at an age that would have been appropriate, she feels.

Bethenny still writes in her book, “I never wanted to hurt her — I wish when this book comes out, she wouldn’t have to see it or know about it.”

But her mom did find out. “If she didn’t want me to read the parts about me in the book then why would she publish it?” Bernadette wonders.

“My comment is the same as it was — I consider her to be demented and beyond help,” Bernadette says. “Reconciliation is not up to her at all. She would never want to repair anything because then all of her lies would come out.”

– Lindsey DiMattina and Jessica Finn