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LAURA'S LOVE LIFE ADVICE: Signs Your'e Heading For A Breakup As Brad Womack & Emily Maynard's Relationship May Be

Wed, March 23, 2011 11:49am EDT by 2 Comments

Emily and Brad are reportedly faking their happy relationship. Is it time to admit it’s over?

Emily Maynard and Brad Womack may have starred on a reality show, but are they really good actors, as well? A new report suggests that the two are actually close to calling it quits despite the facade of a happy couple they’re making publicly. Should this engaged The Bachelor duo work through their issues, or should they realize their relationship is well and truly over?

B&E had obstacles from the very start. Read on…

SIGN ONE. He lives in Austin, TX. She’s raising a 5-year-old daughter in Charlotte, NC and seems fairly unwilling to uproot her life.

SIGN TWO. Daughter Ricki happens to be the child of her former fiance — who also happens to be her high school sweetheart; he died in a plane crash back in 2004. It’s fairly hard to compare with a love and loss that grand.

SIGN THREE. Sorry Brad, but Emily just isn’t as into you as you are to her, and she’s made that abundantly clear with her hesitation to fully give your relationship her all, as you’re doing.

SIGN FOUR. When Brad gets frustrated, he drinks — and reportedly takes his anger out on Emily in the form of uncalled for outbursts. NEVER DATE A GUY WHO SERIOUSLY DRINKS.

SIGN FIVE. They’re constantly breaking up and making up — over Skype, no less. If you’re really going to end it, do it face to face guys! How many times do you have to end a romance before realizing it’s finally dead and gone for good?

So there you have five solid reasons why Emily and Brad’s relationship may be destined for doom, but how will you know if you and your BF should say hasta la vista, baby?

The most important thing: do NOT ignore the signs. If you’re constantly fighting, breaking up or needing a trial break, don’t fool yourself. You shouldn’t have to make something work just because you’re holding on to the misconceived idea that your man is ‘the one.’ Sometimes relationships grow stagnant, or have run their course, and you need to accept it and move on so that you can find someone who’s really right for you.

Like the song says, breaking up is hard to do — but that doesn’t mean you should hold on to a broken relationship when there’s well and truly  no way of fixing it.


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