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Can Scarlett Johansson & Sean Penn Make It As A Rebounding Couple? Expert Love Consultants Reveal Truth!

Tue, March 22, 2011 7:47pm EDT by 7 Comments
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Professional matchmaker and dating coach Matt Titus and his wife, author and media personality Tamsen Fadal, give you the real inside scoop on Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn. Do YOU think this romance can last? Read on… invited our guest bloggers, the professional matchmaker and dating coach Matt Titus and his wife, author and media personality Tamsen Fadal, to give us their inside take on Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn. They’ve got a split decision on this May-December relationship!

Matt’s Take:

Fresh off their recent divorces, Sean and Scarlett now look to be jumping into a hot new romance and I think it’s a perfect match!

That’s right, you heard me, they were made for each other. Let me explain why. First off, Sean loves hot blondes — his ex-wives were blonde, both Madonna and Robin Wright. Robin is a great actress, Madonna was a sex symbol and Scarlett is both. So he’s now got the best of everything in a sexy new package. And by new, I mean young, like 24 years his junior young. And there is nothing that makes a newly single, older guy feel better than a hot, younger women.

I can hear you yelling at the computer from here, but it’s true. Every single call I get from a recently divorced man involves them asking for me to introduce them to a beautiful young woman. Every. Single. Call. The reason is simple: older men who hook up with much younger women are fighting to keep the Grim Reaper at bay, and nature agrees with their choice. From an evolutionary standpoint, women who can no longer reproduce become non-players on the Big Plan map. And since it takes two, men coupled with a menopausal woman become irrelevant. Nature demands we keep the next generations coming…and coming.

Everybody gets upset when an older guy starts seeing a younger woman. But when it‘s the other way around, and an older woman catches a young stud, she‘s a happy “cougar” or a smart and liberated “Mrs. Robinson.” Guess what, you can‘t have it both ways! Plenty of older men are attractive and a great catch and don’t have to apologize when they score a pretty young thing. And while we’re on the subject, why isn’t there a male equivalent for “cougar”?

Back to Sean and Scarlett:  May-December romances are completely normal in Hollywood. There’s Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, and Hugh Hefner and whatever Playmate he’s engaged to at the moment, just to name a few. Actors all live on the same “campus,” they don’t follow the normal rules of romance. They jet off to 24-hour getaways to Cabo San Lucas for a first date, not the blue-plate special at Applebees! I say more power to them. One of the most important things in a relationship is chemistry, and Scarlett and Sean have tons of it with each other, and as a relationship expert, I can tell you that having care-free rebound flings is actually a very healthy thing to do. So keep those  lobster and margarita lunches going strong you two new lovebirds — and ignore the naysayers.

Tamsen’s Take:

So Scarlett Johansson, 26, is dating Sean Penn? The man is nearly twice her age, has two teenage children and is rumored to be a notorious cheater. Please  explain to me how you divorce Ryan Reynolds and fall into the arms of bad boy, I mean the 50-year-old Mr. Penn? What can these two possibly have in common expect for bad judgment?

A 24-year age difference is bound to create a series of issues — each person is in a totally different stage of life and there also tends to be power imbalances in these types of  May-December relationships. The huge gap in age often leads to resentment in Hollywood relationships because of each person’s different career stages and different priorities in life.

Let’s also take a look at the temperamental Penn’s rocky history with anger issues. The guy has a hair-trigger temper and isn’t afraid to unleash it, especially if you happen to be a photographer within his sight. Is this the type of man Scarlett wants to start dating?  This is her followup to leaving her hot ex-hubby Ryan? Is being young and carefree really an excuse to settle for less? By the way, Sean Penn‘s last girlfriend, Sports Illustrated model Jessica White, found herself getting into a fight with another woman over a taxi outside a nightclub in NYC a number of months ago, I’m just saying…

Of course some May-December relationships are wonderful. They can and will stand the test of time. My favorite Hollywood one was the classic love affair of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

That being said, relationships with age-difference issues can take their toll over time which is why

I am not for this coupling, it doesn’t feel right to me. Old Mr. Penn gets his smoking hot younger woman — and she gets to live the real-life version of her film Lost In Translation. Sorry, Sean, Scarlett needs to find someone her own age. And you need to stay out of the hen house and stop dating girls nearly the same age as your daughters!

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