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Eating Disorder Experts Outraged By Lady Gaga Promoting New Album With A Shocking, Emaciated Photo!

Tue, March 22, 2011 11:00am EDT by 9 Comments

What kind of message is she sending to her young fans — that being scary skinny is sexy?

Just when you thought you were done being shocked by Lady Gaga, she released this disturbing image to promote her upcoming album, Born This Way. Her painted eyebrows and prosthetic cheekbones make her look totally emaciated, and while we’re sure she considers it ‘artistic,’ we find it disgusting.

Gaga may be eccentric, but she’s also influential — and we hope this is one look that her impressionable young fans DON’T try to emulate. Unfortunately, eating disorder experts fear young fans could be vulnerable. ” If they idolize her, they will want to look like her and they could start starving themselves. It sets a bad standard for a person that is vulnerable, ” says Lynn Grefe, President and CEO of the National Eating Disorders Association. ” Pictures can trigger people and can result in unhealthy eating behaviors, and that’s dangerous. People need  to be aware who their followers are.”

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