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Joseph Abboud's Creative Director Tells You How To Help Your Guy Go Shopping!

Mon, March 21, 2011 5:25pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 1 Comment
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From the five essentials every guy must have in his closet to what you should do if you don’t like the way your man dresses, the brand’s creative director spilled on all the burning questions both you and your guy may have in this EXCLUSIVE interview.

So many of my friends say trying to help their guy find the perfect get-up is way harder than one would think. Sure, girls know what works on their body, but there’s a whole different set of rules when it comes to men. Luckily, we got to chat with Joseph Abboud’s creative director, Bernardo Rojo, who has all the answers to your guy’s style questions.

What are the new rules for men’s wardrobes?
“Men need to embrace their individualism by personalizing their style. They should be adventurous and mix different pieces together to accommodate their unique personalities.”

What are the five pieces every man needs to have in his closet?
“I think shoes are extremely important to a man’s wardrobe so I’ll have to expand this to five clothing pieces and two great pairs of shoes! Every man needs a navy blazer, grey trousers, a pair of raw denim jeans, a white dress shirt, a blue dress shirt, black lace-up shoes with a cap toe and a great pair of sneakers.”

How do you measure if a man’s pant is too long or too short?
“Rules are constantly being broken in fashion, however, traditionally speaking, pants should never touch the ground. If you like the trousers with a full break so that the pant leg hits the top of the shoe making a horizontal crease, make sure that it just touches the top of the shoe’s heel. Even though cropped trousers are very on-trend for menswear this season, trousers are typically considered too short if you can see any part of the sock while you’re standing.”

What about sleeve length?
“If the fit is perfect, a jacket’s sleeves should ideally show about 1/2” of the dress shirt’s cuff.”

What’s the most important rule when it comes to a jacket’s fit?
“First, the shoulder fit is key to a jacket looking sharp. There is nothing worse than roomy shoulders! They make the jacket collapse and the proportions appear sloppy. The fit of the chest is also important in achieving the perfect look. If the chest is too tight, the lapels will open up and break the jacket’s natural slope.”

Is there a universally flattering pant and jacket cut for all men’s body types?
“No particular cut is flattering for all shapes. With that being said, at Joseph Abboud, we are constantly working to develop and evolve our silhouettes to best fit men. For example, we have developed three different categories of fit to accommodate different body types.
1. Signature: The classic silhouette. It’s a full-cut garment and has the most “Universal Fit.”
2. Profile: The perfect evolution of the Signature cut, these looks have a trimmer waist and a narrower look for a more youthful style.
3. Hudson: The brand’s most contemporary silhouette, this look is for younger men and has a leaner fit.These looks focus the attention on the torso by utilizing higher armholes, narrower shoulders and shorter jacket length.”

Do men’s shoes and belts need to match?
“Contrary to what men might think, your shoes and belt don’t necessarily need to match. A splash of color, like a bright belt, can help break up a monotone look.”

What’s your biggest style rule?
“My biggest style rule for dressing is, “wear the clothes, not the other way around.” It’s important that the clothes you wear reflect your personality and who you are, and that they make you feel comfortable and confident.”

If you don’t love your man’s style, how can you tell him he needs a wardrobe update? Or should you just start shopping for him?
“If you’re trying to update a man’s look, go shopping with him. That way you can slowly show him pieces that he can start to feel comfortable in. It’s important to remember that changing a man’s style and look is an educational process that may take a bit of time, so start with basic pieces and little by little introduce him to more fashion forward elements.”

Katrina Mitzeliotis