Kirstin Says: Miley Cyrus, Here Are 7 Reasons You Should Rejoin Twitter!

Mon, March 21, 2011 3:56pm EST by 3 Comments


Miley has taken to Rock Mafia’s Twitter to connect with her fans while she’s in the studio. But don’t you think it’s time she get her own account again?

It’s been nearly two years since Miley Cyrus pulled the plug on her Twitter account, claiming she wanted her “private life” back. However, the 18-year-old superstar jumped on Rock Mafia’s feed to chat with her fans and get inspiration, which launched a whole campaign to get her back on her own. I agree 100 percent — so in honor of Miley’s song “7 Things,” I’ve come up with seven reasons she should relaunch her massively popular account:

  1. Clear up rumors – Recently, paparazzi caught Miley leaving the Chateau Marmont and the photos made her look wasted. If Miley had a Twitter, she could have cleared up the confusion right away.
  2. Break her own news — Instead of giving her publicist official releases, Miley could tweet links to her site or YouTube page when she has something to say to her fans.
  3. Chat with her dad – There have been a bunch of reports claiming Miley and Billy Ray’s relationship has been strained the last few months. If Miley was on Twitter, she could joke around with her dad and put the stories to rest.
  4. Share Music — Miley’s in the studio recording now. Wouldn’t it be cool to hear a few seconds of her next hits?
  5. Raise awareness to charities — As her fans tell me consistently, Miley is one of the most charitable young celebs in Hollywood. Twitter would give her an easy platform on which to reach millions of people around the globe and raise awareness.
  6. Bathroom Twitpics — I kid, I kid. Unless she wants to appeal to sketchy characters, I think Miley should think twice about tweeting potentially risqué photos of herself in her undies.  Remember this photo?
  7. Follow Charlie Sheen — Need I say more?

Unfortunately, as of March 21, it looks like Miley is still holding out from coming back, tweeting this: “Wanted to make it clear I’M NOT rejoining twitter. Im only using it when with RM writing! Fans are the best way to get inspired. love u xMC.”

However, Miley is great to her fans — so I bet if you, the fans, make yourselves heard loud and clear, she’ll consider a big comeback.

Why do YOU want Miley back on Twitter? Sound off below!

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Posted at 6:46 PM on March 21, 2011  

Miley Cyrus is a true artist and like any true artist, she inspires lots of fans and lots of haters. And like any artist, she’s a sensitive person with feelings. The haters are so harsh that I think she’s a lot better off not reading the garbage they write. That’s part of the reason she left twitter, so that she wouldn’t have to read all that crap. She’s a lot better off focusing on making great movies and music and I hope she keeps that focus and leaves all the Twits on Twitter to gobble up each other with their hatred.

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Posted at 6:05 PM on March 21, 2011  

I hope she never returns to twitter full on Because then when i read comments about her tweets i will have to dodge hate comments BUT I AM PUMPED MILEY WILL BE GOING ON AN INTERNATIONAL TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in the states so won’t be seeing her in concert but i’m glad fans around the world who haven’t seen her will besides i feel she’s waaaayy more appreciated overseas than she is in the states

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Posted at 4:19 PM on March 21, 2011  

here’s 1 reason why she shouldn’t-you guys will make up endless rumors, stories and bs from every tweet she makes.

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