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Happy Birthday Kevin Federline! Today, Mar. 21, You're 33 Years Old!

Mon, March 21, 2011 8:13am EDT by Add first Comment

K-Fed, this year will be filled with milestones for your sons, Sean, 5, and Jayden, 4!

Kevin Federline has moved out of Britney Spears‘ shadow and comfortably into the role of ‘daddy’ to his two young boys. Despite having a not-so-hot music career, he leads a pretty sweet life. Find out what’s to come at!Happy birthday, Kevin Federline! With a Sun in Aries and Moon in Leo, you’re definitely used to playing with fire. Burned in the past through a ‘surprise’ divorce filing by Britney Spears, cosmic weather has hopefully cooled off as you’ve learned your biggest life lessons through such trials by fire. Your Mars in Cancer is certainly passionate about playing the role of Daddy, and your Moon/Saturn conjunction can certainly handle the responsibility of raising children. Balancing time between your roles as K-Fed and big papa is certainly a cosmic life lesson — as is being part of a consistent and affectionate partnership. Impulsive by nature, you now find yourself in a place where you can hopefully review how to best channel your considerable verve … as well as support your four little legacies.

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