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'Sister Wives' Recap — The Browns Freaked Over Polygamy Investigation & Reveal Kody's Dad A Polygamist Too!

Sun, March 20, 2011 10:54pm EDT by 13 Comments

And no0t only that! Kody’s dad actually married to Janelle( his second wife’s) mom! Is that weird or what?

The premiere of Sister Wives, however dividing, was great in that it finally began to show the social, and possibly legal, repercussions of the Brown family lifestyle. This week however, the biggest story came from the introduction of Kody‘s family — and his amazing two moms.

Well, more one mom. His father has two wives, but Kody only grew up with one mother and his father married his second wife later in life. Oh, and that new wife was Janelle‘s mother, who he met through Kody. Kind of creepy and sweet at the same time.

The family heading to see Kody’s family in Wyoming was filled with scores of PG hijinks. Car trouble! Bathroom breaks! Endless delays! The clan did finally make it, just in time to paint the house and do something with cattle ( or was it cows?) on a ranch. I kept getting distracted over the fact that it seemed to be getting dark after just a few hours of sunlight.

It was here we met Kody’s mom and Janelle’s mom, both married to the same man and the first two women who have given a intelligent and comprehensible explanation of being a woman and a polygamist.

Kody’s mother explains that she did not care for Janelle’s mother when she became part of the family. She was incredibly jealous, specifically over the fact that she was educated. Now however, she claims her as one of her very best friends, and it is clear the two have a relationship that must be incredibly beneficial as one grows older in life. As Robyn points out, the two will likely outlive their husband, and how nice that they have one another.

Also of note in this episode was Kody and Meri‘s admission that in their family, it was the mother that pushed for the conversion into a polygamist faith. Furthermore, Janelle’s mother made the same choice for herself, as did Robyn. The idea of multiple wives seems so physically driven in many ways that it is intriguing to see so many women choosing this lifestyle. There is of course the question of free will in many cases, but that in no way seems to be the case here.

Sadly, we must leave these two remarkable moms for some cliff climbing (please do not try this at home) and the journey back to Utah. Let’s hope TLC continues to give us more educational episodes like this.

On a side note, it is incredibly off putting to watch this episode which aired at the same time as the series final of HBO’s Big Love and see what had just happened to the man of that house.

So HollywoodLifers, what did you think of the new episode?