Beauty Tip: Use Your Hair As An Accessory Like Pussycat Doll Nicole!

Thu, March 17, 2011 3:35pm EST by Add first Comment
Getty Images (2)

Getty Images (2)

Get creative and try using your own hair as an accessory like Nicole does with her braided hair-band!

Dazzle up your hair style with some braids this Spring. Nicole Scherzinger, 32, was seen in Paris wearing a cute bohemian braid on the crown of her head. Check out how you can make a headband out of your own hair!

Follow these easy steps to achieve this sultry look:
1. Grab some hair at the bottom of your head, divide it into three strands and braid them together. Seal it off with a small elastic band.
2. Pull the braid across your head and tuck in the tip behind your hair.
3. Stick in a few bobby pins at the sides and bottom of your head to keep the braid in place.

Voila! Isn’t this hairstyle super chic? Would YOU wear a braided hair-band? Vote now!

–Amanda Chen