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How I Walked The Red Carpet Three Months Pregnant With My Fly Down!

Thu, March 17, 2011 4:04pm EDT by Add first Comment

Getting dressed during the time between when you find out you’re pregnant, until the time when you actually announce you’re pregnant is tricky!

As I got ready for a night out with my husband to attend a Diesel event at a downtown hotspot in NYC, I had to cleverly come up with an outfit that (1) I could actually fit into (2) kept things discreetly hidden and (3) I felt good in. In retrospect, I did not choose wisely.

At the time, I put on a pair of zippered jeggings and a vintage kimono type top.  As I sat in the cab heading from the Upper East side to downtown, I could feel the tightness of my jeans creeping up on me, cutting into my bloated mid section.  I thought, “OMG….am I hurting the baby?” and without thinking I unzipped my poor choice of an outfit for immediate relief.  Ahhhhhh…Now I feel comfortable.

As we approached the venue, I did my usual checklist before I exited the cab.  Lipgloss on….check. Blackberry…check.  Wallet…..check.  Husband….check.  As I walked into the event, I got wisked away for photographs and as I posed and smiled, I thought, “I can’t believe I pulled this off!” And as I was thinking, it dawned on me ….zipper up….uncheck!!!  OH NO!!  I just stood for pictures completely unaware that my fly was undone!!

Luckily, I was wearing a long tank that covered up 90% of my unzippered fly, so my initial embarrassment was mitigated by the fact that know one will know….until now. (See picture)  So with that lesson learned, I figured it was now time to embark on the journey for shopping for maternity clothes.

–Alexandra Osipow

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