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'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Kailyn Has A HUGE Fight With Jo & Gets Baby Isaac Back!

Wed, March 16, 2011 12:40am EDT by Andy Swift 1 Comment
'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Kailyn Has A HUGE Fight With Jo & Gets Baby Isaac Back!

Courtesy of MTV

The March 15 episode of ‘Teen Mom 2 wasn’t as exciting as last week’s, but it did tie up all the loose ends, while setting up the major plot lines that will bring us through the rest of the season.


We left off last episode with Jenelle Evans “borrowing” her mom’s credit card to go to New Jersey with her boyfriend, Kiefer, so he could visit his brother Chris. Well, wouldn’t you know Jenelle’s mom realized she was missing TWO of her credit cards and called Jenelle while she was at dinner with Kiefer and his brother.

Her mom freaked out! She told Jenelle she was going to call the cops on her when she got home and that she’d never let her see her son Jace again! When Jenelle got back from the trip, she and her mom got into a huge screaming match. Jenelle said she wanted her financial aid check, but Barbara said she mailed it back because Jenelle didn’t live there anymore!

There were lots of tears and screaming between them before Jenelle finally left. And as she left, her mother was screaming at her, that it was her own fault she was out on the street and homeless!


Between baby Ali‘s health problems and the upcoming wedding, Leah Messer is freaking out! In totally rare form, she’s worried about everything from the wedding invitations not being sent out yet, to if she even wants to go through with the wedding at all!

Leah and Corey had their bachelor and bachelorette parties this week: He basically sat around a camp fire with his friends and told them he was ready get married, while she had a sex toy party with her girls, who questioned if going through with the marriage was the right move.

In the morning, she brought up that she may not be ready to get married, even though she loves Corey. Corey seemed pretty depressed over the possibility that the wedding might be off. They even canceled a meeting with their pastor about the wedding so they could talk more about it first!


Kailyn Lowry still doesn’t have her baby Isaac since her fight with Jo about getting her stuff from his family’s home… and because of the $600 she owes him from school stuff she needed. This week, he texted her that he just wanted to end the drama and that she could come get Isaac — but he wouldn’t give her her stuff until he had the money.

Things got ugly when Kailyn arrived to Jo’s and said she wanted to look through her stuff to make sure everything was there. They got into a nasty argument, and at one point it seemed like things might get physical. Jo called her all sorts of nasty names, and she almost didn’t sign the check for him!

Jo‘s parents and Kailyn’s mom eventually stepped in and made her sign the check. They also made Jo give Kailyn all her stuff back. It was the most heated scene in the episode!


Chelsea Houska and Adam are officially over! This week, she reconnected with Megan, who she wasn’t hanging out with very much because Adam and Megan weren’t getting along. Megan is really supportive, and so is her dad. Also, it was Chelsea’s birthday, so her dad sent her and her friends to a Lady Gaga concert! On her way to the concert, Adam Facebook’ed her a “happy birthday” message and that he missed her. … He sucks!

Her dad told her she should have written him back to tell him that he needed to get his crap out of her garage and pay her the $2,000 he owed her in back child support and rent!

— Alanna Johnson