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Should You Move To Be Near The Man You Love Like Emily Maynard May Need To Do With Bachelor Brad?

Wed, March 16, 2011 11:45am EDT by 2 Comments

Courtesy of ABC

Emily doesn’t want to move to Austin to be with Brad! Should she have to?

Love is never easy, is it? After falling for Brad Womack and winning The Bachelor, Emily Maynard now has to decide if she’s ready to move from Charlotte, North Carolina to be with Brad in Austin, Texas — or if the distance is just too much to take. What should she do, and what should you do if you’re ever walking in her shoes?

Well, that all depends on that relationship, doesn’t it! Emily and Brad are already in a bad place. Although they got engaged on the show, they did break up for a bit after filming ended because of Brad’s volatile temper, she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring on the After The Final Rose special episode that aired March 14 and she says she will not uproot her life to be with him.

“Right now, I love you, but no [I’m not ready to get married],” Emily tells Brad on the special. “I wish I was. But we have some things we need to figure out like how we fight, how we communicate.”

Communication is key to a relationship, and if Brad is constantly blowing his fuse while the two are living apart, they’re not going to be much more successful together. Emily’s hesitation to move in actually a good thing, and taking things slow is a smart idea. However, something tells me this relationship isn’t long for this world.

But should you ever move to be with your boyfriend? This is dependent on a few factors. It’s beneficial to move if you’ve been dating for a long time and he suddenly gets a new job in a different city — and wants you to come with.  You’re an established couple, you know one another, you know you want to be together.

However, if you don’t know one another all that well and are living in different cities, you need to beware of ‘fantasy relationship’ syndrome, where you only see the best of one another for brief periods of time, and your relationship feels amazing because you’re only getting the best bits of each other — not the reality of a real relationship. I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t move for love, but be careful.

If you have a lot to lose on the job front, or your family lives in the area and you don’t want to leave them, or you have a strong network of friends that you can’t bear to be apart from, then don’t go. But if you’re free and open to taking a chance on love, go for it!


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