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Demi Moore Reveals Her Non-Surgery Facelift, And It Costs $49,900! OMG!

Tue, March 15, 2011 1:15pm EDT by 3 Comments
Getty Images

Getty Images

Here’s Demi’s secret that keeps her looking 20 years younger!

Demi Moore, 48, consistently amazes us with how good she looks for her age! And the most impressive part is that she looks just as gorgeous bare-faced as she does all made up! In Allure‘s April issue, they ask an expert, plastic surgeon Arthur Swift, what treatments Demi likely gets in order to get her youthful look.

Here’s a breakdown of what Demi probably does, along with the price per year!

  • Fillers under eyes to eliminate shadows: $5,000
  • Botox on nose to keep it from drooping with age: $300
  • Fillers in cheekbones to accentuate: $5,000
  • Botox and fillers around lips to eliminate lines: $1,000
  • Veneers to keep teeth from receding with age: $24,000
  • Botox, fillers, and laser treatments on neck to reduce appearance of cords: $4,750
  • Fillers in chin to tighten jawline: $2,500
  • Light therapy all over face to even out skin tone, fade dark spots, and shrink pores: $1,600
  • Fillers to reduce smile lines between nose and corners of mouth: $1,500
  • Fillers around eyes to eliminate crow’s feet: $1,500
  • Botox and fillers around brows to lift and add fullness: $1,250
  • Botox in forehead to soften frown lines: $1,500

If Demi really gets all of these treatments, the total adds up to $49,900 per year! Well, we think it’s worth it– Demi looks youthful and gorgeous, and you can’t even tell that Ashton is so much younger!

What do YOU think? Are Demi’s treatments a good investment, or just too much? Tell us in the poll below!

–Allie Jordan