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Lorena Says: The Bachelor's 'Sweet Little Emily' Is So Much Better When She's Feisty!

Tue, March 15, 2011 8:23pm EDT by 1 Comment

Emily Maynard is usually a composed Southern belle but last night she brought out the edgy side of her personality

There’s nothing I love more than when a seemingly sweet, poised, precious girl gets the claws drawn out of her. So last night’s “After The Final Rose” episode was actually my favorite of the entire Bachelor season because we got to see a whole new side of Emily Maynard. And, was it just me or did Brad Womack look a tiny bit scared of her?

“She can be tough… sweet little Emily can be tough,” Brad said nervously when he admitted to Chris Harrison that they’d briefly split while the show was filming.

And when Emily came out, she brought with her a simmering feisty-ness that threatened to boil over throughout the hour long post-finale episode. When asked if she was ready to get married she responded, “Right now in this instant, I love you, but no. I wish I was, but I’m being honest and we have some things we need to figure out […] Could I move to Austin today, no.”

Throughout her tirade Brad attempted to soothe her by petting her and muttering, “The one thing that I love about you, among anything, is your honesty.” It’s no secret who has the control in this relationship. After weeks of watching Brad juggle multiple women while telling her she is “the one”, girlfriend is getting revenge.

And she didn’t stop with the refusal to move to Texas. “He said a couple times that he fell in love pretty early and I just feel like if you fell in love pretty early there should have been some things that were saved for me. I mean other than the proposal, I feel like a dime a dozen.”

I don’t know about the rest of you HollywoodLifers but the girls and guys I watched it with (yes, I said guys) all stopped and had an “Oh no she didn’t just call him a slut” moment that may or may not have culminated in a few high fives among the more feminist of us. In middle school terms (if you grew up in the 90s) Brad just got told.

What I loved about Emily wasn’t just that her hair wasn’t as big or neon yellow as it was throughout the show, that she wasn’t stylized in a pale pink “I’m a pretty pretty princess outfit”, or that her Southern accent, which usually makes her sound incredibly sweet, made everything sound even more passive aggressive by painting her overwhelming hostility with ladylike class. She managed to juggle a “Honey could you pretty please pass the salt” attitude while looking like she was holding herself back from clawing Brad’s eyes out. What I love is that she spread her resentment to everyone who deserved it, including the Bachelor producers who edited her out to be “boring” when she clearly had a ton of personality hiding behind all of that pink lipstick.

“I’m not this uptight girl that I came across as. I like to have fun too. I just felt like if I was given dates that I got to go diving with sharks and going down freakin’ lines in the jungle I would have been fun too!” she exclaimed. “I felt like we had a relationship that none of the other girls had, and then watching it I just saw how much fun they [Brad and Chantal] had and I was watching it thinking “Well I would have picked her.’ Honestly they had so much fun together and then I watched ours and honestly I look so boring and I was falling asleep during our dates and I wanted to ring a bell in my ear.”

We saw Emily throw a few zingers during the season (remember when she called Brad out for saying he was worried she’d only fallen in love once and retorted he was a lot older than her?) but that was child’s play compared to last night. And I’m sorry, personal complaint, why did she have to comfort Brad for asking him a completely logical question about whether he was ready to handle being a father?

It’s unclear whether or not Emily and Brad will last but if they don’t, I vote she be the next Bachelorette after Ashley! And producers, please leave the “I bake cupcakes for my man and wear an apron and curl my hair and can I get you a drink of lemonade” Emily at home and bring out the one we met yesterday. Who is with me?

Lorena O’Neil


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