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'90210' Scoop: Inside Silver & Adrianna's Upcoming Breakdowns!

Tue, March 15, 2011 4:31pm EDT by Andy Swift 3 Comments

The stars of ‘90210’ reveal just how far the girls will fall!

The war between Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) and Silver (Jessica Stroup) has only just begun, and before the third season of 90210 comes to an end, both frenemies will reach their breaking points. Let’s start with Silver, shall we? West Bev’s resident Katie Couric will have a second bipolar flare up this season when Adrianna meddles with her meds, as reported by TVLine — but will it be even bigger than her trash-burning, sex-filming, bottle-throwing escapades in season one? Tristan Wilds has the answer…

“It’ll be bigger because there’s a lot more that she’s doing this year as a senior,” Tristan tells “It’ll affect a lot more. You’ve got to watch. It’s going to be great.”

And what about Adrianna? An on-set photo of Jessica Lowndes standing on a ledge hit the web earlier this month, sending shivers down my Adrianna-loving spine. Do we have a potential jumper on our hands?

“[Adrianna] does reach a breaking point that pushes her to a ledge,” confirms Manish Dayal, who plays Ivy’s dying lover Raj.

Unfortunately, Manish couldn’t tell me exactly what drives Adrianna to the brink, so it’s up to all of us to guess. Is it because she hates herself for messing with Silver, or is it possible she’s still ridden with guilt over stealing Javier’s music? Oddly enough, I spoke with the late-great Javier (Diego Boneta) a few months ago, and we joked about the possibility of Javier’s ghost returning to haunt Ade:

“I would absolutely love that,” Diego told me about paying Adrianna a visit from beyond. “Maybe the ghost of Javier is living inside Adrianna.”

What do you think, 90210 fans? Is that idea totally crazy… or just crazy enough to work?

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