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'Sister Wives' Recap — Brown Family Outed As Polygamists, Hypocritically Worry For Kids.

Sun, March 13, 2011 10:08pm EDT by 17 Comments

The Brown family goes public as polygamists on the ‘Today’ show yet worry how it will effect their children. Maybe they should have stayed off national television if they were so concerned.

The Sister Wives gang is back and for Season 2 we are thrown right into the thick of things as we get to see the Brown family on the eve of the Season 1 premiere — and being outed as polygamists.

While what the Brown family has done is in many ways brave and they should have every right to live their life in whatever manner they choice, it is difficult to see them so worried over how the public will treat their children. It makes it seem as if maybe they shouldn’t have selfishly gotten a reality show if their children are indeed their primary concern.

The few scenes of the Brown children on the morning the adults left to go to New York and make the big announcement about their lifestyle spoke volumes. While father Kody was downright giddy, the children all looked petrified. Their parents would be more than 2,000 miles away making an announcement that would change their lives forever — and they seemingly had no say in it.

The more we see of Kody the more it appears as if it is the appeal of fame, and not so much a desire to share his lifestyle, that motivates him. He realizes polygamy is his best chance of achieving notoriety and runs with it, but had he just one wife it feels like he would still find some way, or rather any way, to make his way onto a reality show.

And so the Browns departed for New York (did anyone else wonder how the hotel rooms broke down?) and Cody got his chance to shine on national television. Kody kind of froze up and poor Meri had her fly down, but otherwise the five actually gave a pretty great interview.

The one great thing this season seems to be doing as opposed to last is showing a bit more of the trials and tribulations of living a polygamist lifestyle, though it still seems so false in many ways. I refuse to believe that the children of the Brown family had such a problem free time among their peers when this news broke. That is the story we should be seeing, not more of Kody mugging for the camera.

It also annoyed me to no end to see five adults discuss how hard their public outing was after the Today show and yet not one of them mentioned the children initially. They of course felt a need to rush home to the kids, but after some sightseeing and palling around in Central Park. I would think if there is one time you want to get on a plane and fly home as soon as possible it is when you have just announced to the American public you are a polygamist family — and your kids are across the country.

I ultimately even wonder if the show does any good. I enjoy the show, though it often infuriates me, but I have no problem with people who willingly enter into a polygamist lifestyle. I also believe that almost every viewer shares the same thought. So all it seems this show may be doing is exposing 16 kids to a very, very difficult childhood. Try as people might to make the focus how one balances four wives or shares a husband, I could care less as compared to the issue of the kids.

What do you think HollywoodLifers — was the Brown family decision to do a reality show selfish?

-Chris Spargo