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Did Rob Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Adopt A Dog Together?

Thu, March 10, 2011 6:18pm EDT by 18 Comments

Nikki Reed confirms Rob has a new puppy but did she slip about him and Kristen owning it together?

We were all excited to hear the news that Robert Pattinson has adopted a new dog, but there was confusion among fans about whether or not this was even true. One report said Rob had a Jack-Russell terrier from Water for Elephants that slept in his bed, while others said he just plays with a co-worker’s dog on set. We spoke to Nikki Reed last night at the UK Style by French Connection at Sears event and she clears it all up for us — kind of.

Nikki stopped and chatted with us at Lexington Social House and we asked if she’d met Rob’s new dog yet. “How did you know that? It’s just so weird to me that when you get a dog like 78 hours ago the whole world knows about it.”

She laughed and then continued. “I didn’t even know they got a dog and I brought my dog, and people were saying that mine was a bigger version.”

They!? What!? Cue record scratch. Does she mean it’s Rob and Kristen Stewart‘s dog? Nikki recovered quickly. “Oh no, it’s Rob’s dog, it just becomes a community dog on set.”

Umm, is it just us or do you think this could have been a major slip on Nikki’s part? And aren’t you just dying to know what the dog looks like? We asked Nikki for more details and she said, “It is super cute, it’s like a miniature version of my dog.”

Trouble is, we’ve been trying to solve doggate over here at and Nikki is photographed with many dogs because she loves rescuing them and walking them at shelters. She has confirmed she owns Sydney, a pit bull, but we don’t think this necessarily means Rob has a mini-pitbull. She was recently photographed with an entirely different dog and looks enamored with yet another in the above photo which we grabbed from her blog.

What do you guys think? Guess what kind of dog Rob has below and tell us whether you think he adopted his pup with Kristen!

Lorena O’Neil with reporting by Russ Weakland

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