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Lorena Says: Bieber Fans You Need To Calm Down Before Someone Gets Hurt!

Thu, March 10, 2011 6:07pm EDT by 4 Comments

Justin Bieber had a serious riot problem on his hands today, it’s time fans take a step back and give him some breathing room

Look, before I get death threats I just want to say that I know Justin Bieber is very cute, very lovable, and very talented. I get it. I once had Leonardo DiCaprio posters covering my wall, watched every movie he was in, and if he was in my hometown I might have rushed over to sneak a glance outside of his hotel room. But Bieber’s loyal fans are threatening to put him in danger, and that’s not okay. Calm yourself with that people!

Earlier today Justin, 17, was trapped inside his Liverpool hotel room after a mob of about 500 fans gathered outside. Roads surrounding his hotel had to be shut down and 25 guards were sent to deal with the crowd.

The singer wasn’t allowed to get near the balcony or he could be arrested for inciting a riot. He was apparently supposed to be going on a Beatles tour, but ironically enough his massive amount of fans prevented him from leaving the hotel. It’s lucky one of his fans and/or a passerby wasn’t crushed in the mob, which was desperately growing as soon as people found out his location.
Justin has been under a lot of stress lately after his life has become further scrutinized with his very public relationship with Selena Gomez. In fact, he’s been acting out his frustrations and we think it’s probably best to give the star some space rather than smother him with our love.

The Biebs has always been a huge supporter of his fans and when I saw him at the Grammys he said “I wouldn’t be anywhere without my fans.” But when is enough, enough? If you really love Bieber, then you know, maybe don’t force him to be trapped in a hotel room.

Disclaimer: Leo, if you are reading this, I’ll never let go.

Lorena O’Neil


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