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'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Adam Tells Chelsea He Cheated On Her 5 Times!

Wed, March 9, 2011 12:20am EDT by Andy Swift 8 Comments

The March 8 episode of ‘Teen Mom’ was by far its most riveting yet! To boot, the episode was a total cliff hanger — so much happened and there’s so much still unresolved!


Kailyn is still seeing Jordan behind Jo’s back while still living at Jo’s house, but this week she finally tells Jo… and he calls her a whore! That’s when she decides it’s probably a bad idea to keep living under his family’s roof (finally!). She calls her mother who welcomes her back home with open arms.

But the problem is, all her stuff is at Jo’s and she owes him $600 she borrowed for school. She goes to his house with her mother, but Jo won’t give back her things — or Isaac — until he sees the cash! So, naturally, Kailyn’s mom calls the cops on Jo. The cops explain that without a custody agreement in place, Jo can basically hold Isaac hostage! Oh man — we can’t wait until next week to see how this pans out.


In the last episode, Jenelle‘s mother Barbara caught Jenelle & boyfriend Kiefer smoking pot on the porch and she kicked them out of her house. This week, Jenelle and her mom make up and she moves back in — but this time without dead-weight Kiefer. But wouldn’t you know, just as things seem to be looking up for Jenelle’s ability to be a decent mom, she does something dumb again…

She gets a great idea that she and Kiefer should take a trip to New Jersey so he can see his brother. She doesn’t say a word about the trip until she’s walking out the door with a bag packed, and then lies to her mom and says she is going to Myrtle Beach for a few nights.  She even tells Kiefer they can use her mom’s credit card if they need to on the trip! I CAN’T WAIT for next week to see how this bad idea pans out.


Last week, we waited for baby Ali’s MRI results — and they came back normal! But that’s not the only happy news from this week’s episode: Leah goes to pick out a wedding dress, and when she realized the best one was out of her price range, the store was nice enough to give her 30 percent off so she could afford it! ( Though I’m sure the camera crews helped a bit with the discount.) And even more good news in all of this: Ali has improved a lot since getting glasses. She’s even rolling over on her own!


WHOA, ADAM IS NOT COOL! He and Chelsea go to the fair with another couple, and Adam waves at some girl he hooked up with, but he won’t even hold Chelsea’s hand. But wait, there’s more! He calls his baby Aubree a turd, tosses her in the air AND makes her cry. Plus, he hasn’t paid child support AND he tells Chelsea at the end of the episode that he cheated on her FIVE TIMES! And he says it’s HER fault! “If you were nice and I was happy, I would have stayed with you,” he says. Oh man, it’s SO over for this couple!

— Alanna Johnson

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